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05-27-2008, 09:38 AM
The Nokia 6210 Navigator

Check out the video reviews of the Nokia 6210 Navigator, below. All fairly normal for a GPS phone when you first look at it, but just check out the satellite photo view - simply unbelievable for a mobile phone (and a mid-range one at that!). The 6210 also comes with a plethora of other goodies, too. How does the following sound:

* 2.4" display with 16 million colors
* quad-band GSM
* dual-band UMTS
* dual-band HSDPA
* geotagging
* Media player
* FM radio
* Bluetooth 2.0
* 3.2 Megapixel camera with auto focus, flash and video
* USB 2.0
* internal memory of 120MB
* microSD card support up to 8GB
* weight: 117 grams
* size: 103 x 49 x 14.9 millimeters.

Now bear in mind that this isn't a top-end N-Series phone - nope, it's just a mid-range phone with high end features! The expected retail price of the Nokia 6210 is just 300 Euros, which makes it extremely affordable. If Nokia can cram all of this into a device fro just 300 Euros, what on earth will they manage to crowbar into their N-Series phones late rin the year?!
Video reviews of the Nokia 6210 Navigator
Here are some video reviews of the Nokia 6210 Navigator that were taken of prototypes of the device at the MWC2008 Conference back in February.