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01-21-2007, 01:08 AM
New Delhi, Nov 26: Baked samosas, fat-free seekh kababs, and no-oil koftas and biryani! In a world of high calories and rising cholesterol, when it has become sinful to even think of oily and fried foods, experts are coming up with such new innovations to keep the taste buds tampered and also check the growing bulge.

"With lifestyle diseases on the rise, there is a crying need for intelligent eating. Recipes that are wholesome, reduce calories and lower cholesterol, are not difficult to prepare, and need not be tasteless," says food expert and noted chef Sanjeev Kapoor in a new book "No-oil vegetarian cooking."

Modern life brings with it lot of stress, tension and related health problems. Though we have adjusted to the modern way of life, we have not really been able to adjust our diet accordingly, he says coming up with a range of 'healthy recipes' ranging from piping hot soups and amazing starters to exotic main course dishes and even guilt-free desserts.

Thus you have red capsicum soup with lemon, mushrooms in balsamic vinegar, saunifa tikka, tabbouleh stuffed tomatoes and Thai green curry with vegetables.

"Gone are the morose days when oil-free meant boiled, steamed food with a dash of salt and pepper. It does not mean khichdi and dahi any more," he says.

Dedicating the book to "all the foodies who despaired about combining food and fitness," Kapoor says he has come up with these no-oil recipes after extensive research to restore "Wellness in Life."

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