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05-23-2008, 11:05 AM
Canon New IXUS and PowerShot Models - Canon Fashion Fray
CANON, a favourite among amateur and professional photographers, is about to gain a new fan base with its new IXUS and PowerShot models that come in colours other than standard-issue silver. The IXUS 80 IS comes in pink, blue, two shades of brown, and silver, while the Powershot A470 are available in yellow, green, red, blue and grey.
Canon harnessed the latest technologies to pack the diminutive IXUS 80 IS with a host of features including Canon’s DIGIC III imaging processor, 3x zoom and 8 megapixel CMOS sensor, which support high-resolution prints up to A2 size. The brand new Motion Detection Technology and high-speed ISO 1600 means an end to blurred images.

“With five unique colours, the IXUS 80 IS embodies our dedication to creating best-in-class cameras, while catering to the individuality of our customers,” says Andrew Koh, Director and General Manager of the Consumer Imaging and Information Division at Canon Singapore.

“The PowerShot A470 continue the PowerShot legacy of cameras that effortlessly merge advanced photographic functions, convenience and affordability in one product,” he adds. “Our new PowerShot cameras empower users with more creative shooting options while remaining robust and lightweight.”
The IXUS 80 IS incorporates new technology that makes capturing clear and vivid images even easier. By introducing a Motion Detection function linked to the camera’s High ISO Auto mode, the IXUS 80 IS detects if subjects are stationary or moving and automatically adjusts to the ideal ISO setting for razor sharp images. The high-speed ISO 1600 setting delivers sharp images even in low-light conditions or when taking fast-moving subjects. For even more detailed focusing, the IXUS 80 IS features an advanced AF-Point Zoom function. By half pressing the shutter button, users can zoom in on the desired subject’s face to view their expression close-up before taking the photo.

The new IXUS 80 IS comes with 18 shooting modes covering a wide range of scenarios – including a new Sunset scene mode – that optimises image results under a variety of shooting conditions.

At high resolution 7.1 megapixel and 3.4x optical zoom, the PowerShot A470 delivers quality performance with complete functionality in a compact package. It is also equipped with 14 shooting modes to cover most photographic scenarios, including a new Sunset scene mode for great landscape images. User can also move in close to the subject with the 1cm Super Macro incorporated. The vertical shutter release adds more fun shooting photos in portrait layout.

PowerShot A470 also incorporates a Long Play (LP) mode for longer video recording times. The 2.5-inch PureColor LCD II screen has a wider viewing angle and the anti-glare coating provides easier viewing for image framing and playback.