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05-18-2008, 01:15 PM
Onyx Liscio Mobile Phone Release Announced - Onyx Phone Liscio UK
Pure stunning genius, thatís what the Onyx Liscio is.
With its bold design and unique appearance, the Onyx Liscio fashion phone is anything but bulky and clumsy.
In fact you would go as far as to say that compact is itís middle name.
The key idea behind this phone is to have it as a secondary phone, one to marvelled at and shown off when out amongst friends rather than being used as a day to day business tool.
Weight: 60g
Talktime: 3 hrs
Standby time: 8 days
Dimensions: 90 x 35 x 18 mm
The Tri Band GSM Onyx Liscio with GPRS support, weighs an incredible 60 grams, but smaller and lighter does of course mean fewer features and smaller ones at that, like the OLED display for example, which although full colour is just 1.1 inches.
Lacking in advanced technological features such as 3G connectivity and WiFi capabilities, the Onyx Liscio proudly takes this critism on the chin.

It may not be designed for viewing documents and speedy wireless internet connections but it does entertain and boast about itself incredible well.
The MP3 Player keeps you tuned into your music with 11 hours of continuous playback and the FM Radio keeps you up to date with last minute goals and the latest news and sports headlines.

Bluetooth provides wireles data transfers for sharing files and the standard 128MB internal memory is accompanied by a 1GB memory card that is included in the package.
Bluetooth of course comes with A2DP stereo support but thereís an additional wired stereo headset included.
Manage music and contacts and keep in touch with the Onyx Liscio. A phone thatís proud to be different.