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01-17-2007, 05:18 PM
Respected Sir,
Recently, New York Times a leading newspaper of America has printed a necked truth in detail that so many Muslim terrorist organizations had plotted to distribute India in so many parts and their virtue to create Mughlistan and for that they had decided to do anything for it like misguide the Muslim people, pressurize the Muslim people, giving threat and also tease the Muslim people who are living in different parts of Indian territory.

A New York Times has written that those terrorist organizations are active to break India and establish a new Muslim country as a name of MUGHALISTAN. They have melafide intention to merge some part of Bangladesh, Assam, West-Bangel, J & K, and Punjab for creating a new Muslim country MUGHALISTAN. These terrorist organizations have already prepared a map of MUGHALISTAN to fulfill their melafied intention. They are facing so many difficulties in Indian Territory so they are misguiding Muslim people of north east states under the name of Islamic Organization “JAGRUT MUSLIM JANATA”. To fulfill their intention, they are learning Assami language to Bangladeshi Muslim and advising those terrorists to infiltrate in Indian Territory and also advising them to get citizenship of India. Nowadays round about 10,000 Muslim Bangladeshi, Mujahidin terrorists are working on this the worst plot to create new Muslim country MUGHALISTAN. I thin that Pakistan is supporting these anti-nation terrorist activities.

We all the people of India thankful for New York Times a leading newspaper of America.

Thank You,
Mayur Dave
Ahmedabad, Gujarat, INDIA. [col

01-17-2007, 08:17 PM
no mahima, i think that news paper also know where OSAMA is hiding. i think CIA should contact that newspaper to know more information for secret missions. bu the way , i am amazed to know that American news paper know india more then us. :smt019