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01-15-2007, 08:10 PM
Everyday same wishes! Are U bored of it? Let it be difft this time: Let the devils sing around U, Mummies dance around u, Vampires sit beside U. Have a horrible day!

• Ek c Raja...
Ek c Rani...
Dono mar gaye khatam kahani.
Na thalle hun ki dead body labni hai?

• Meaning of ABCDEFG : A Boy Can Do Everything For Girls.
Reverse the letters GFEDCBA
Girls Forget Everything Done & Catch new Bakra Again

• Kabhi ye mat socho tumhare gf/bf ya wife/hubby ne tumhe kitna romantic msg bheja hai, sirf yeh socho ke Use kisne bheja hoga ?

• Height of Kanjoosi: A Bania's house has caught fire & he is giving miss calls to the Fire brigade!

• A Baniya walking on the road suddenly bent & touched d road n said furiously: 'Loki thuk vi aewein sutde ne jiven Rupeya peya hove!'

• A foolish man tells a woman to stop talking, but a wise man tells her that she looks extremely beautiful when her lips r closed !

• What did the Zero say to the Eight?
Nice Belt

• Saif: My dil goes hmmmmmm...! My dil goes hmmmmmmm....! My dil goes mmmmmmMMm......!! My dil goes mmmmmmm.....!
Javed Jafri: Is this da dils or da makhis...?

09-19-2008, 12:36 AM
same to you