View Full Version : welcome new year forget the past [rabia iqbal rabi]

rabia iqbal rabi
12-31-2012, 11:48 PM
New Year's is the time for life changing decisions that bring about a complete overhaul in your life. A time for resolutions and trying to take charge of things and bring about changes that you always desired requires inspiration and that's where our Inspirational New Year Messages come in.

Our extensive collections of Inspirational messages are enough for giving that boost and pushing strongly towards positivity and give your loved ones that added motivation to leap towards a brighter future with the onset of a New Year.

Everyone needs some sort of inspiration in their lives, as it is the driving force behind all our aspirations and dreams, so this New Year's fuel up your loved one's lives with messages that make them want to strive constantly to fulfil all their resolutions and fill their lives with happiness.

Usher in the New Year with not just new clothes but also with a new thinking power and a new soul.
Do not let you vices take control of you or you will have soon have lesser friends and loved ones around you to celebrate your New Year.
End each year with some good lessons and start a brand new one by showing that you have learnt lessons of the past well.

Gather valuable experience and acquire more wisdom as years pass on.
Move on with the years as dwelling in the memories of the past might cause you to miss out on golden opportunities of the present.
New Year has brought another chance for you to set things right.
Ring in the New year and ring out the vices in you.
Let go of the old year and the worries of the future as you welcome the New Year