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rabia iqbal rabi
12-10-2012, 07:56 PM
http://toddlervacationss.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/sambelia.jpgGili KondoWhen people hear ‘Gili’, then people will immediately think of an island located central region of Indonesia, Lombok. An area of tourism is not inferior to Bali. There are a variety of attractions in Lombok (http://www.peopletraditions.com/), for example : Rinjani Mountain, Sendang Gile Waterfall, and the Gilis. Gili is a term for the small islands that exist around of Lombok, bund is very charming for every tourist who came, and never miss to be visited by every tourist. Among these are earthen gili named Gili Kondo.if you have visited Gili such as Terawangan, Meno and Air. Then you should not miss this one. The view given no less exotic to the third. Gili is located in Lombok Timur, precisely in the district Sambelia.Gili is still in the natural category with a very charming sea views and white sand is very soft and is suitable as a family playground. You will be presented with a panoramic of ocean color is very beautiful when a new set foot in this place. The sea gives a beautiful view of the color and clarity of the water, making you instantly can see the coral reefs from the shoreline. Rather than just beaches that will satisfy you, but also the surrounding scenery is deliberately in order for the convenience of everyone who came. Towering trees around the beach that you can make a camp site and picnic… waaaaaaaaah wanna get there .As well as going to Gili Terawangan, you also have to get across, as long as you cross are offered a beautiful view of the sea so that you will really enjoy your trip during the middle of the ocean.This dyke can be categorized as a beach that has not been contaminated by waste and has not met crowded, each part is still maintained and manicured. You can also build a tent around Gili Kondo. Although still fairly natural and not full of tourists, the facilities provided by the staff nurses or carers of Gili Kondo is very complete.