View Full Version : Life is like a cup of coffee......

11-02-2012, 04:54 AM
!!..Life is like a cup of coffee

Coffee is bitter but almost everyone loves it
. Life has many suffering but almost everyone loves to have life.

People add sugar and milk to coffee to make it less bitter.
Everyone adds variety of things to life to make it less boring and suffering.

:Now consider this

Life is the Coffee,,,& money,,job,,position in society are the cup
THey are all are tools to hold or contain the coffee
,,the shape of the cup never defines nor changes the test of the coffee,,the quality of life

Sometimes,,by concentrating on the cup only,,we fail to enjoy the coffee,,
!!..Savor the coffe not the cup

the same true about life,,we are concerned about what makes us live rather than what makes it worth living

The happiset people dont have the best of everything ,,they just
make the best of everything

!!..life is like a cup of coffee

we drink it to realize the sugar is missing,,,!

Too lazy to stir it up!! and when we reach the bottom we find the sweetness is all there
..so,,look for the sweet things around you ,,stir it up with your life,,before it it too late to drink the nectar of that coffee

Life is like a cup of coffee.
Coffee tastes best when it is hot. Same for your life.
the hardest times might bring the best of you

Next time when you drink a cup of coffee, reflect it on your life .