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04-30-2008, 09:22 PM
Nokia 6600 Slide Announced for Release UK - Sliding 6600 by Nokia
A new sliding version of the previously announced Nokia 6600 fold has today been confirmed by the manufacturer.
Having sliced a few millimeters off here and there from the Nokia 6500 Slide and reduced its weight they have introduced the Nokia 6600 Slide to their range.
Weight: 110g
Talktime: 4.0 h
Standby time: 340 h
Dimensions: 93 x 45 x 14mm
The Nokia 6600 Slide offers more rounded contours and slighty improved battery life in addition to array of new features.
Not content with just bringing out the Nokia 6600 Slide, Nokia have also included the 6600 fold and 3600 Slide in this latest announcement.
But getting back to the Nokia 6600 Slide, we have to admire the effects that have been made with this phone, not only does it offer the best of both worlds with all the fantastic features of the Nokia 6500 Slide but tap the phone twice and you initiate the time display, snooze control, activate silence and alerts or reject incoming calls.
The steel cover and aluminum centre key determine the phones high quality appearance whilst its dimensions puts it amongst Nokia’s smallest sliders to date.
Multimedia functionality includes a 3.2 mega pixel camera, video record, video calling, music player with multi-audio support and an integrated stereo FM radio.
Apart from being the 3G version of the Nokia 3600 Slide, the Nokia 6600 Slide includes Nokia Maps, an Accelerometer, stereo bluetooth, microSD card expansion, web browser, email, instant messaging, microUSB and a 2.2″ QVGA display bulking out its distinguished list of features.