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04-30-2008, 07:55 PM
SanDisk 4 GB MicroSD SDHC Card
Another great invention from SanDisk, the 4GB micro-SD memory card is about a quarter of the size of an SD card and is the newest standard of SD flash memory specifically designed for use with ultra-small mobile phones and other devices. Like the miniSD, the micro-SD/TransFlash is ideal for use in storing media-rich files such as music, videos, and photographs in compatible mobile phones.

Advanced Features:

Universal compatibility with TransFlashTM memory card slots
Comes bundled with a SDHC Memory Card Reader+SD Adapter for use with microSD or TransFlash cards.
Built-in security features enable users to download, store, and play secure content just like an SD card.

Sandisk 4GB TransFlash / Micro SD is an ultra small memory card based on the mini SD card and TriFlash designs for mobile phone memory. The package also includes a Secure Digital Adaptor to allow use in other devices.

The card measures just 11mm by 15mm and is only 1mm thick. The new SanDisk 4GB TransFlash is the largest in the current range and offers the ultimate storage solution for the next generation of compact mobile phones. Considerably smaller than the SIM card used in mobile phones and the TransFlash is even smaller than most embedded memory. TransFlash memory is also a removable solution.

The SanDisk TransFlash gives mobile phone designers and manufacturers more options when offering products to the consumer. The removable SanDisk TransFlash makes it easy for mobile phone users to transport their personal content like contact lists and saved photos, high fidelity ring tones, applications, and system settings from one mobile phone to another when they need to upgrade their phone or service


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