View Full Version : 3G Mobile Phones - The advance generation makes lot of fun

04-30-2008, 07:37 PM
Day by day increment of new technology leads the simple communication to more funny and entertaining media .3G mobile phones are the example of it. The 3G Mobile Phones subscribe to a technology called the Third Generation. 3G is a legatee of the 2G technology and can be best described by differences between the two. Launched in Europe in 2003, the Third Generation technology is dedicated to the needs of mobile users.
How 3G phones different from 2G phones?
Data transfer rate in 3G phone is higher than 2G phones. While 2G phones transferred data at about 144 Kilobits per second, the 3G phones are capable of transferring it at a speed of about 380 kilobits per second. This works in the interest of consumers as they save both time and money.

The 3G mobile phones cater to consumers in need of enhanced connectivity and data transfer. This implies that all businessmen and professionals can use this phone to access Internet from their mobile phones at broadband speed.

Video calling facility of 3G mobile phone completely differ it from 2G mobiles. This facility does not supported by 2G mobiles. This is the hallmark of the technology. Perhaps a person from yesteryears would deem it a product of sorcery.3G phones operate only in the 3G network. Installation of 3G network requires licensing, which is very expensive.

3G phones in market
There is an abundance of 3G enabled mobile phones in the market. Some of the best known include all of Nokia's N Series. Sony Ericsson W850i, W950i, K800i et al are also 3G enabled. But, before you buy your own 3G mobile phone remember to enquire your service provider about the availability of compatible network in your work zone.