View Full Version : Ladakh Has Dramatic, Bizarre and Incredible Scenery

09-05-2012, 10:04 PM
Words can't describe Ladakh. One minute. the mountains are stark, bleak and barren. Within seconds, the next mountain range is a dark black and white. Another few minutes and there are mountains in all shades and hues of orange, red, burgandy, light and bright pinks. Turquoise and aqua lakes reflecting in the high altitude sun. Nomads tending their animals, living by a still-frozen river and surviving on what Travels With Sheila would call a subsistence basis who manage in winters of -45 Celcius/-46 Fahrenheit.

And then you come up to a pass with bountiful prayer flags blowing in the breeze and small shrines. Down from there into a vividly green valley with yellow rapeseed, wild rose bushes, brightly colored fruits and vegetables. Yaks, herd of Pashmina Goats and wool sheep. Ladakh...there's no place in the world like it...