View Full Version : Hemkuta Hill & Tungbhadra river - Hampi, KARNATAKA

08-30-2012, 07:41 PM
Nearby Virupaksha Temple - South of the temple rises Hemakuta Hill, a huge, sloping rock on which are still to be found Vijayanagara buildings in good shape. It is also a convenient place for observing the sunrise and sunset. All this area is known as the Sacred Center. The merging of the two rivers TUNGA river & BHADRA river at Koodli in Shimoga dist. of Karnataka, gives birth to the Tungbhadra river.Hampi is located on the south bank somewhere in the middle of this river's path. In this area the river takes a number of twists are turns owing to the rocky terrain. The river has immense significance in forming the political & religious history of Hampi.