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Street painting
Street painting, also commonly known as pavement art, street art, and sidewalk art, is the performance art of rendering original and non-original artistic designs on pavement such as streets, sidewalks, and town squares with impermanent and semi-permanent materials such as chalk. The origins of modern street painting began in Britain. Pavement artists were found all over the UK and by 1890 it was estimated that over 500 artists were making a full time living from pavement art in London alone. The British term for Pavement artist is "screever". The term is derived from the writing, often Copperplate, that typically accompanied the works of pavement artists since the 1700s. The term screever is most commonly cited as Shakespearean slang dating from around 1500. The first recorded street-painting competition & 'festival' was held in London in 1906.


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