View Full Version : BBC Gardeners World Guide Dog Garden

06-05-2012, 12:17 PM
A woman with a blindfold on sets off through an indoor garden, led by a guide dog. An image of the guide dogs banner style logo is also on screen. The dog guides her past an obstacle in their path. A guide dog handler walks behind them, checking on their progress. There are members of the public gathered around watching them and taking photographs. An onscreen message is displayed reading, "We campaign for a society in which blind and partially sighted people enjoy the same freedom of movement as everyone else..."The same woman speaks to camera. In the background is a variety of foliage from the garden display.An older lady speaks to the camera, with flowers and an obstacle in the background.The guide dog, a golden labrador, in it's harness sits down and looks towards the viewer.Some title text reads, "Effect of display on public." The first woman speaks to camera describing her experience with the guide dog. The onscreen message continues, "...and we actively oppose discrimination." The guide dog leads the woman around the garden display with a dog handler watching their progress. The handler takes a break, sitting on a low wall in the garden display holding a small teddy. The guide dog, without a harness now, wags its tail.