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Social Evils that prevailed in India

Caste System - Religion
In ancient India Brahmins had developed a social system in which people
were divided into separate close communities known as caste.
The origin of the caste system affected the whole Indian society.
Caste determines man's marriage, social circle, profession and Wealth
This Cast and religion is to control large amount of people, they belive there should be some regulating and monitoring system which people does follow automatically without being knowing.

Sati Practice
Sati is described asa Hindu custom inIndia in which
thewidow was burnt toashes on her deadhusband's pyre.

Child Marriage
Marrying a youngchild (generallydefined as below
theage of fifteen) to anadult is describedas
child marrigae. Inpractice, it is almostalways
a young girlmarried to a man.

Dowry or Dahej isthe payment in cashor/and kind
by thebride's family to thebridegroom' s familyalong
with thegiving away of thebride in Indianmarriage .

Purdah is the practicethat includes theseclusion of womenfrom
public observationby wearing concealingclothing and by the use
of high walls, curtains,and screens erectedwithin the home.

These are some of the other Evils which kills the society…….

Untouchability : (The fifth class in the Indian caste system which was not taken in count. These are the people in the ancient time are those who do not fit in to Four category of cast Brahman, Kshatriya, Vaishanav and Shudra. These people are Untouchables because they donot fit in four category of society and they do dirty jobs for there living like sweeping, and scavenging (which sometimes involves handling dead bodies)

Ilitteracy : (In Ancient time Satyug only Brahmans where allowed to Study, in Dwaparyug Kshatriya also were allowed to study in gurukul of Brahman, in Tretayug Vaishya were also allowed to Study in and in Kalyug Shudra and Untouchables were allowed to study but many of the Untouchables are still struggling to have proper education due to poverty.

Gender Discrimination : (Male & Female) From the Ancient time Male are administrator of the Family, Occupation, Society, Economy and finaly controller of Wealth flow in the system. Womens were not allowed to interfere in the above organized structure and for that our society had put may restrictions on womens (Sati, Purdah, Child Marriage, Widow Remarraige, Dowery etc.)

Widow Remarraige

Girl Child Abortion

Child labour

Sexual Harassment






Adultration - (Milavat)


Addiction (Drug, Alchole, Tobbaco etc.)


Terrorisom (Most Dangerous Enemy Nower Days, which may leads to end of world by Nuclear War)

Yet a lot number of social evils still haunting our society.
Cast System | Economic System | Political Systems | Religious System

A number of social reform movements including
The Brahmo Samaj; The Arya Samaj; The Ramakrishna Mission; The Theosophical Society,
The Ahmedia Movement etc. were directed against these social evils.

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same kind of problems Pakistan is facing