View Full Version : Hatiyan tree of hyderabad

05-03-2012, 12:56 AM
Over 400 Years old Boab Tree at Golconda Fort, Hyderabad.This tree is also referred to as"Hatiyan Jhad" or "Elephant Tree" by the localites as every trunk of the tree resembles the trunk of an elephant with two large ears.

This Boab tree, which stands at some 16 feet near Golconda fort is older than the Fort itself. It was gifted to the Qutub Shahi King by his Abyssinian Guards.The trunk girth is apporximately 25 feet in diameter and stands approximately at an impressive height of 16 feet.
According to legend, the tree has two big "rooms" (natural hollow chambers)within its trunk. It is said that during old times, petty thieves were put inside these chambers inside the tree for days long as punishment. The chambers inside are tapering with pitch darkness inside and have very small opening on the "ceiling". This is now a protected monument within the "Naya Quila" of Golconda fort.