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03-26-2012, 05:54 PM
All barn star winners 2006-2010 - 30 years Musikantenstadl (HQ)
30 years anniversary program Musikantenstadl from Fribourg. A medley of the five winners of the Musikantenstadl junior competition.

- Nicolas Senn - Quöllfrisch
- Oesch's the third - Ku-Ku Jodel
- Yasmine-Melanie - Amore Fantastico
- Lisa Stoll - Dance of the cows
- Florian & Seppli - Family Yodelling


03-26-2012, 06:01 PM
Musikantenstadl is a live television entertainment program broadcast in the German language throughout Austria, Germany and Switzerland. It features Austrian and German popular folk music (Schlager, Volkstümliche Musik), international pop and folk music as well as interviews and comedy. As a production of Eurovision, is co-produced by the Österreichischer Rundfunk, Bayerischer Rundfunk and Schweizer Fernsehen. Aside from the live television broadcasts it also tours in Austria and Germany as live concerts. It is currently hosted by Andy Borg and its location of broadcast varies between towns in different regions in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. It occasionally broadcasts from other countries such as Slovenia in 1985, China in 1999 and Croatia in 2011.