View Full Version : Russian Women selling their hair

03-08-2012, 10:31 PM
Untreated hair from young Russian women makes big profits - but hardly any of it gets passed back to the women at the beginning of the chain.
Katya's job gives her 400 a month. It's enough to get by on, but anything extra is more than welcome.
Her long "virgin Slavic" hair is considered the best on the extensions market.
She's come to a dealer in Moscow to sell it. She's welcomed into a small apartment where women sit combing through bunches of anonymous hair.
Katya's will soon join the piles they sift through.

The hair is washed, snipped, coloured and dried

In a last-minute wobble, she says her long hair makes her feel beautiful.
But her financial need soon outweighs vanity. The scissors are out and her tresses are chopped.