View Full Version : Twins Celebrate 100th Birthday

02-09-2012, 09:08 PM
And in New Zealand, two sisters celebrated a special birthday this week. Beryl Baguley and Matilda Hanlon turned 100 yesterday, becoming some of the world's oldest living twins.


They were born in 1909, and have for most of their lives celebrated their joint birthday on February 19th. However last year, when they applied for their birth certificates, they discovered the actual date of their birth was March 19th.

Theyve lived two world wars, the Great Depression and the rise and fall of communism.

Though coming together to celebrate their birthdays each year for the most part the sisters lived different lives.

[Matilda Hanlon, Younger Twin]:
"In some ways, my life was different to Beryl's because I think really she was a farmer's wife more or less a farmer's wife brought up on a farm but I was a city girl."

Queen Elizabeth and Prime Minister John Key sent letters of congratulations. Relatives from Australia joined them for their special day.

The non-smoking, and non-drinking sisters are in good health, and have never flown in a plane.

They also have a message for the younger generation.

[Matilda Hanlon, Younger Twin]:
I think these days the children have got to have cars, they won't walk. And I think it helps them to be very selfish. They depend on it."

Beryl who is 45 minutes older than Matilda has only one regret in 100 years.

[Beryl Baguley, Older Twin]:
"I wished well back that I would get a motor scooter."

Local media in New Zealand say the mathematical chance of twins reaching 100 together is 1 in 700 million.