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The film starts by showing the protagonist, Zainab (Humaima Malik) is about to be hanged. She decides to tell her story right before she is hanged. She grew up with 6 sisters, a mother and a father. The father always wanted a son so that the son could help with the financial issues of the family, since he doesn't believe in women doing jobs. They end up having a transsexual son, named Saifi. The father (Hakim) doesn't like Saifi because of his gender, but saifi is deeply loved by the rest of his family. Zainab's mom keeps giving birth to babies that are born dead, so Zainab get an operation done for her where she can no longer have babies. When Hakim finds out, he gets very mad. One day, Zainab sees Saifi dressed in women's clothes, and gets disturbed. Her friend Mustafa (Atif Aslam)is a singer and is in medical school. He likes Zainab's sister Ayesha (Mahira Khan) and they both sing and play the guitar together, but they have to hide that from Hakim, since he doesn't like Mustafa's family because they are Shia. Hakim owns a small pharmacy sort of place and is approached by a man, who asks Hakim to teach Quran to children, since Hakim is a very religious man who has bonds with the Masjid. Hakim initially refuses because the man is a Kanjar, meaning that he gets women to dance and to other bad things with guys. Meanwhile the masjid gives Hakim some money to keep, since they believe Hakim is very trustworthy. Mustafa gets Saifi a job at a place where they paint trucks. He is harassed there because of his gender. One day he gets raped, and another transsexual finds him on the floor and takes him home. Hakim overhears Saifi telling his mother and Zainab what happened to him. Later on when everybody is asleep, Hakim gets a plastic bag and suffocates Saifi to his death. He must bribe the police officer to keep what happened a secret by two lakhs. Hakim is forced to take the money out of the masjid funds. Ayesha and Mustafa both go to a concert and both sing and are loved by the crowd. Mustafa's father approaches Hakim for Mustafa and Ayesha to get married, but Hakim refuses since Mustafa is Shia. The masjid asks for the funds, and Hakim doesn't have enough money. He is forced to go to the Kanjar's house to get the money back. He washes it thinking that it is dirty, when he gets home. Teaching the kid's Quran isn't giving him enough money, so Saqa Kanjar gives him another option. He must get married to Hakim and have a baby with Mina (Iman Ali) who is one of the prostitutes and is the Saqa's oldest daughter, since he keeps on having girls and Saqa believe that it is the men who creates the gender. Zainab gets Ayesha and Mustafa married since Hakim found another man at the masjid and wants to get Ayesha married to that man. Simultaneously, Hakim marries Mina. When Hakim finds out about Ayesha's marriage, he is furious but can't do anything about it. Mina has her baby, and it is a girl meaning Saqa gets to keep it. Hakim begs Mina to give him the baby so that the baby doesn't have to face a horrible future. Saqa overhears and kicks Hakim out. Later on Mina comes to give Hakim the baby. When the mom asks who that women was, she takes him in a room and tells him that he married her. She freaks out and starts screaming at him, and he beats her up. The mother tells the kids what happened, and Zainab insists they all leave the house and move somewhere to start a new life. At night, Saqa comes to take the daughter, since Mina was not supposed to give it to Hakim. Hakim tries to kill the daughter to keep the daughter from a horrible future, but he is killed by Zainab by a fatal blast on the head. They hide the baby and Zainab tells Saqa that Hakim killed the baby and threw her out somewhere, and that she killed Hakim, which is why she is being given the death penalty. Now back in the present, a reporter keeps trying to prove she is innocent, but is unable to. Zainab ends by asking that why is only killing a sin? Why isn't being born one? Then she is hanged. The president sees the reporter's newscast that ends with that question and schedules a meeting with the title the same as the question. In the end, the daughters open up a restaurant called Zainab's Cafe, which becomes very successful. They also raise there new sister, Mina's daughter.

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Great movie in the history i ve ever seen ......... Superb