View Full Version : Turtle is best friends with alligator

12-15-2011, 12:42 PM
An unlikely relationship has blossomed between two creatures in a zoo in the United States.
A red-eared slider turtle has become friends with a 5ft Chinese alligator.
Since being placed together in the same exhibit, the two reptiles have take a shine to each other. Zookeepers are now used to seeing the turtle climb aboard its scaly companion and get taken for a ride.
Photographer Connie Lemperle captured the pair at play at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden.
The zoo's public relations and marketing manager Tiffany Barnes said: "The animals all live, peacefully, together in an exhibit.

"It is fairly common to see the turtle riding on the alligator in this specific exhibit although we don't think it's normal elsewhere."

Chinese alligators are incredibly endangered. It is believed there are only 150 on the world. This particular zoo has eight.

The red-eared slider is named after the bright red patches on the sides of its head and the way it slides into the water when alarmed. They are known as sociable creatures and often climb aboard each other while basking in the sun.

Max the Alligator
Mitch the Turtle