View Full Version : Court case of false charges has been delayed in Panama

12-28-2006, 05:49 PM
This is a situation of injustice in Panama
that has effected a number of people who
had been caught up in false charges in a
situation involving police wrongdoing in
a political climate in Panama of corruption
where the people arrested and held had
been railroaded on trumped up charges
this was and continues to be a travesty of justice,
the story begins in early 2005 and this case
has not been completely settled yet even now.

This Yahoo Group please look into and join

groups d0t yah00 d0t c0m slash group slash fredsalaff slash

and help for a person in need & trouble wrongly

who I wish to help, maybe you might care too?

One, Mr. Fred Salaff and the story of his plight
as posted in the past messages going back into
early 2005 when it started and it is not over yet.

The messages posted from earliest dates in 2005
in the Yahoo Group going for several posts through
the first several months of 2005 tell the story mostly,
and this whole situation has not concluded yet even now.

There are links in this Yahoo Group to other
relevant and pertinent websites about this topic.

Please Join The Yahoo Group for Fred Salaff >=> fredsalaff
and the info in the group tells the whole story.

Thank you very much.

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