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Haute Secure 2.0
Antivirus Software
Prevent Malware
Infesting your PC
with this
Safe-Ssurfing Software

Haute Secure is free security software that combines brand-new technologies and community features to keep you safe from malicious software on the Internet. It provides protection from Web sites, advertisements, photos, and embedded links that expose users to malware designed to steal personal data and take control of computers. Haute Secure also prevents first-victim attacks never-before seen on the Internet. You also get additional protection for free from a community security experts and organizations joining the fight against malware, including Google, Spamhaus, and Phishtank. Haute Secure allows you to subscribe to additional site-safety lists created by community members or create your own blacklists to use privately or share with other Haute Secure users.

Protuct your Computer

Haute Secure is the only software that offers complete protection from web based malware designed to steal personal information.

* Site reputation ratings and warnings of potential threats in your search results before exposure

* First-victim protection from malware lurking in content such as videos, widgets, blogs, and banner ads

* Collective intelligence that updates your PC when a threat is detected on another computer

The more people who use Haute Secure, the safer your computer is from data theft. Do your part to help fight malware by joining the community today.

Protuct your Website

Haute Secure content monitoring protects your user base from malware contained in user generated content or embedded by hackers that is designed to steal personal information and data.

* Free domain entry service: list your site in our database and get emailed if it ever appears on any Haute Secure community block list

* Daily content scanning: automated testing for malware on every URL in your website from as little as $20 a month

If your site contains Ads, links to other sites or pictures, you could be infecting your user base. Do your part to help strengthen the global fight against malware.

A safe Web-surfing product, Haute Secure is out of beta and available for both Internet Explorer and Firefox. Founded in 2006 by former Microsoft security engineers, Haute Secure hopes to distinguish itself in a crowded field including Grisoft Linkscanner and Finjan SecureBrowsing. Today, new Web threats come not from sites built to host malicious content, but also from legitimate sites that have been compromised.

While we were pleased with the active threat detection within Haute Secure, newly active phishing sites without embedded malicious content did slip through. Older phishing sites were blocked. Haute Secure is free to download for home use; businesses will be charged to have their Web pages checked for malicious code. At the moment there is little technical support offered beyond a few FAQs and a users forum.

License : F R E E

Requirements: Windows XP/Vista, 32-bit editions
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Haute Secure has created the only complete way to protect your personal data from web-based malware. By combining patent-pending algorithms to predict, warn, and protect users from hidden threats, with a layer of community protection that allows the user base to actively contribute additional reputation information about websites, Haute Secure covers the growing data security hole between your firewall and anti-virus programs. The free software offers three components that work together to keep your computer safe in ways not available until now:

Threat warnings and reputation ratings

Most web surfing begins on a search engine. Itís also where the threat of data theft begins. Malware writers often create entire sites to infect users. And many good sites with web 2.0 content such as Flash video, widgets, and blogs have pages infected with user-submitted malware. Haute Secure makes searching safer by providing three types of information about the URLs in their database, each linked from icons right next to the listing:


Community relevance: stats from sites like Digg and Delicious help filter results

Social safety rating: a voting tally from the overall Haute Secure user community

Malware warnings: if a URL is on our suspicious on banned lists, youíll find out here

Find out more about possible threats before viewing with integrated search engine results.

Dynamic data protection

Websites with user generated content have created a huge opportunity for data theft that cannot be stopped by standard anti-virus and anti-spyware software. These programs rely on signature files, or definitions of past attacks to identify threats which are only updated weekly. But hackers now change their malware code dynamically, keeping it hidden from both end users and website operators. Haute Secure has solved this problem by combining client and server-side elements to keep you protected in real time:


Software Client: using pattern recognition based on past history, the client warns you of potential threats, blocks all identified threats, and reports all findings back to our main database.

Distributed database and scanning architecture: our system continuously scans the web for new threats, stores information reported from each individual client instance, and if necessary, can update all clients within minutes to ensure real-time data security.

Haute Secure intercepts possible threats before they happen, and allows you to decide what to do.

Community Contribution

Haute Secure knows it is essential to harness the collective intelligence of partners and users to ensure data security. We have created a true community platform that augments our core technology to provide the most complete protection available. This includes our partnerships with Amazon Web Services as well as a growing group of organizations including Google, Phishtank and Spamhaus, each that provide their bad site block lists which are integrated into our system to give you complete protection.

The most important part of our community, however, is you. Because of the way the technology works, the more people who use it, the more protection it provides. And thatís not just because of the threat identification technologies. Its because you can contribute in other ways such as:


Block Lists: use our partner lists or create your own and allow others to subscribe

Safety Ratings: vote for sites you know are secure or others should avoid

Forums: discuss personal data security with the entire Haute Secure community

Community-powered intelligence rounds out Haute Secure's advanced feature list.

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Even publishers obsessed with the quality and safety of their site experience are currently powerless to stop the malware created for todayís web 2.0 components. Links can easily be embedded by hackers who compromise an internal server, upload a widget or video, or even just post an image or blog entry. Even ads can contain hidden malmare. The more your site grows, the more likely this is to happen without you ever knowing. But your users notice when and where they get infected. And if itís on your site, they wonít come back.


Haute Secure helps publishers investigate possible vulnerabilities in published content types.

Haute Secure uses the same technology that powers its consumer software to offer publishers a way to keep their sites safe from hidden malware. By joining the Haute Secure community, publishers can both ensure better user retention and help to create a safer internet for everyone. A choice of two services is offered to meet your needs:

Free Domain Entry Service

To receive a free email alert if your website ever gets added to the Haute Secure block list, a partner block list, or user block list simply enter your main URL and email address below.

Daily content scanning

Haute Secure also offers a content scanning subscription that provides you daily reports that detail malware activity on your site. Due to the dynamic nature of web 2.0 malware, threats are constantly changing. Pages that have never been infected can become riddled with threats overnight. And dozens of external links to the pages with embedded malware can be set up by hackers to make the problem even worse. Reports detail the location and nature of each threat, allowing you to make changes before your user base is infected. For only $20.00 a month or $220 a year, you get:

* Daily content scanning for up to 25 pages on your site*
* Daily email reports alerting you to new security breaches
* Notification of your site being added to a Haute Secure, partner, or user block list
* Site safety rank information based on links leading into your site

*Website publishers that require scanning of more than 5000 pages per domain, please contact.

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In the days of Web 2.0 and dynamic content, running a safe site can be a fulltime job. If you run a website or a blog that displays ads, widgets, and other dynamic content don't worry - we've got you covered. Haute offers a host of services to help keep you and your visitors safe.


We're always scanning the web for malicious content. If we see malware on your site, we'll let you know

http://hautesecure.com/images/page_monitoring_button_signup.png (http://hautesecure.com/ScanService_NotificationService.aspx)


Own a website or blog? Do your part in helping keep the internet safe: Get Haute Secure Site Monitoring to ensure that your site is free from malware. Haute Secure Site Monitoring uses our advanced detection technologies to check daily for malicious links, ads, widgets, and other bad content to keep your site and your users safe.

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