View Full Version : written messages without focusing on them on some models

12-08-2011, 03:39 PM
a comment send to us by email

Dear Aamir, You have been great enough in sending daily movies and more importantly the Daily Quotes besides very many other materials through Nidokidos and I remain highly grateful to you. May I add for your information that your dispatches are being forwarded by me to more than 50 recipients on an average and from them to others and thus your dispatches are getting worldwide. In this context may I suggest to you, if permitted, to send the Daily Quotes just straight away as written messages without focusing on them on some models, actors and calendar girls, as I firmly believe that while the quotes are extremely excellent many recipients may develop distaste to view them super-focused on undesirable photographs. You may ignore this if you feel to have been offended by me but continue as you are doing.