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lovely angel
03-02-2008, 09:36 AM
It was one of those dark days, when the sun shines early, but you feel all tied up in knots inside you. The mere thought of leaving the bed is a harrowing idea. You just lie in bed with your eyes closed and wish the sun away. But the Sun is known for it’s relentless aggression and refuses to go away!

Finally I pushed myself from the bed and onto the floor. The chilled floor, shocked me. A trigger in my brain told me it was too cold for comfort and I should stay in the warmth and security of my bed. I shook the truant thought out of my mind. And repeated to myself like a litany the lines “Miles to go to before I sleep”.

I shrugged my shoulders and wandered out of the room, I dragged my sorry frame to the kitchen and made myself a pathetic tasting cup of tea. The revolting taste of the tea, shook me back to reality.

‘The CLOCK!, God! Something was definitely wrong with the god damn thing, it just couldn’t be 7:50 am.!,’ ‘Not again!’ I groaned, I was going to miss my chartered bus again and I hated the thought of having to drag my self all the way to office in an auto or worse still in a private bus.

A then a shrill cry broke the non existent peace of the house! Well it seemed that my son , had realized that mommy dear had woken up and he felt it was his duty to offer his company to me!

I shook my head and tried to shake off my depressing mood! And ran towards the baby’s room.

I saw his face, all smiles and dimples and it was enough to put out mercilessly, any leftover miserable thoughts!

He is a joy to be with, I Momentarily forgot that I was running late yet again, the endless list of errands I needed t complete before I left for work.

He wanted to play with me, but hated the idea that his tummy was telling him, it was Potty time. After much cajoling and cooing he gave in and sat on the potty chair to relieve him. In the meantime, I tried t recollect what all needed to be done, before I set foot out of the house.

Finally after almost an hour of being a mother, a maid, and a cook, I was ready with my baby to move out.

We both packed our bags and moved to our destinations, him to his grand mother’s Place, me to same place too first, and then to the dungeons of my office!

Can I day start any better? I am sure not, this is how all great day’s start!!!

03-02-2008, 11:51 AM
Wow..superb..liked it so much!