View Full Version : Bottle Brooches

11-28-2011, 10:33 PM
I made these as an idea for last minute holiday gifts. For people on a budget, or just someone looking to give a personal gift this year, cute tiny bottle brooches or necklaces are pretty inexpensive and pretty easy to make. So give it a try, if you want.


Some other ideas you could consider:

*Write a personal note to someone inside that they're meant to open

*Make a fairy shape or butterfly and hang it from the cork with wire like it's flying

*Plant a real, living terrarium (I've actually grown a terrarium in a bottle this small and it's living at 4 months old!)

*Find feathers, rocks, or things from a nature walk

*Fill with glitter

*Sculpt a character you like and glue it inside as a portable display case of your artwork

*Layer colored sand

Get creative. : )