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lovely angel
02-03-2008, 01:59 PM
What we ARE is what we are MADE to be

Life is full of choices.. well.. so it is said.. But there are some choices that are made for us. I've come acroos lots of people , includeing myself, who struggle to accpet themselves as they are. These are not choices that we MAKE, but the choices that WE ARE LEFT with.

Take abuse for instance.. Child abuse , need not be as gory as it is protrayed to be. Sometimes, even a simple caress or 'cupping' and 'sow the seed' to curiosity.

The question lies on whether the 'cure' of use issues is to FORGET or to get a closure of some sort, by dealing with it. So many of us spend most of our lives bearing little unbearable secrets. Each of us whimpering in our own little closets.

What was the inicedent that changed your life? and how did you cope.. This adda would serve as a means to express , discuss.. and find a therapeutic cure..

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