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Manage your time better than ever before.
Get organized the fun and easy way! Say the Time will keep you on schedule by automatically announcing the date, time or both at specified intervals using a pleasant male or female voice. Keep track of important time commitments with fully-customizable appointment reminders. Manage ideas and information with colorful virtual sticky notes. Transform your boring taskbar time display into a colorful clock that can display both the date and the time. View the time in different parts of the world. And so much more!

Description and Key Features
A host of exciting upgrades makes Say the Time 9.0 the most powerful version to date. Hear the Date and Time
Enjoy spoken date and time announcements in a pleasant female or male voice.
Choose your preferred interval, anywhere from every five minutes to every hour.
Even specify a time period for which to suspend time announcements - especially useful if you keep your computer on all night.

Create Fully-Customizable Appointment Reminders
Schedule reminders one time, or have them recur hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.
Set your reminders to occur at either a specific time or choose to have a reminder occur when Windows/Say the Time starts.
Completely customize your reminder messages. Choose your own fonts and colors to make your message really stand out!
Automatically launch any Windows program at a pre-determined time.
Include an Internet shortcut in a reminder message.
Easily copy, edit and reschedule reminders.
Choose your own default settings for new reminders, such as message colors and sounds.
Enjoy spoken reminder messages via a text-to-speech translation engine.

Customize Your Taskbar Clock
Choose your own colors, textures, fonts, and more, to give your clock your own personality!
Display both the date as well as the time, in any format you like.

Synchronize Your Computer's Clock with an Internet Time Server
Easily ensure your computer's clock is always accurate.
Choose to manually synchronize the time, or have Say the Time do it for you on an automatic schedule.

View a Popup Calendar
View your upcoming 30-day schedule at a glance when you mouse-over the taskbar clock.
See a month-view calendar that even displays week numbers.
Track the phases of the moon on-screen.

Add a Stopwatch or a Countdown Clock to your Desktop
Use a customizable stopwatch that can be started and stopped, at will, for exact timing.
Use a customizable countdown clock that counts down from a time you specify.

View the Time in Different Parts of the World
A world time calculator lets you easily convert the date and time between two locations.

It's a clock. It's a calendar. And it's so much more! Say the Time will help you to manage your time better than ever before you'll wonder how you ever managed without it.

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