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12-14-2007, 10:56 AM
by Nina

I type my love for you
On the screen

Never will you truly know
Just how much you mean

Some may say it's crazy
But I don't really care

They could never understand
all that we have shared

All the nights you've spent with me
Felt like you were here

Always with a open heart
And an open ear

I never had to wonder
If you truly care

Because when I turn on my Screen
You words are always there

12-14-2007, 12:52 PM
Trust is the key of any relation Ash..keep it always safe as like this...!!!! Nice post...

12-15-2007, 04:30 AM
..:-D..nice poem..! yes Hema is right trust is a vital ingrediant to a healthy relationship...

12-16-2007, 11:12 AM
wow...loved it.....these r so nice ...thats love beyond boundaries