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11-14-2007, 08:52 AM
Thereís a nip in the air, and youíre wondering what to wear. Should you pull out your old sweaters and jackets, or go for a complete wardrobe change. Designer Urvashi Kaur gives the lowdown on how women should dress it up this winter

What to wear
Flaunt a practical, yet unusual look this season. Be minimal, but combine it with loads of elegance and luxury.

A fitted, mid-thigh satin dress is a must. It can be in deep colours, such as blues and browns, or a lighter ones like butterscotches and beiges. Since itís cold, you can wear it with a short a-line jacket, made of satin or faux fur. Complete the look with ballerina shoes, patent leather pumps or classic stilettos, which always look sexy.

Skinny jeans can still be worn, but with a difference, maybe with some embroidery. Faded and torn denims are definitely out. Trousers, though, have become wider. Fitted till the crotch, they then flare down. Cropped trousers are still an option, which are sleek and feminine. Wear baggy sweaters that end below your waist over jeans. The wrap-around style is really in, which gives the entire ensemble a country feel. Add in a big, wide belt to complete the look.

Trench coats with big belts are in. If you want to go for something short, tight fitted jackets worn over a skirt or jeans look really trendy.

Footing it
Yes, boots are the obvious choice for this season, wedge heeled ones are the new look. Ballerina shoes can still be worn. Peep-toe pumps in metallic shades are perfect for evenings.

Bling bling
Traditional jewellery is not so big this season. Individual pieces are in, almost like wearing pieces of art. It can be rope, bone, shell, and wood, all fake of course. Big beads are passť. Pearls, as always are eternal. You can wear them differently, as a belt, or long and low, so that they touch your navel.

Bag it
Big, chunky bags are still in this winter, especially for the evenings. Clutches are no longer rounder, but longer and flatter. Jewelled clutches are definitely a no-no, but a bit of bling in the form of brooches is ok. They also come in different textures, such as leather and fur.

Shades and hues
Greys, charcoals, blacks, metallics and blues may be the seasonís colours, but they arenít easy to carry off. Add life and brightness to these shades with colour. To get the best out of grey attire, add shine and texture to these hues. Either choose grey or charcoal pieces with hints of metallic thread or sequins, or layer them with sequin or satin. For the most sophisticated look, pair grey with black or white, or with shocking red or fuchsia.

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