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10-16-2007, 06:27 AM
I hope that love keeps you...
By Nicole Sylvia Stigh

I hope love keeps you wrapped in her bud,
woven into her intricate quilt,
safe from the realities that may scold us.

I hope love keeps you home on winter's nights,
folded between blankets and contented slumber.

I hope love keeps you inquisitive of sparkling eyes,
mystified by beautiful women and places,
and restless enough to admire them and keep searching.

I hope love keeps you not bound to her bosom or cast
from her sight... for only after great suffering and loss
can we truly appreciate the breathlessness of heaven.

I hope love keeps you merry on warm summer nights,
drunk on the air that flows down through the wild flowers
and up over the fresh dew of mountains.

I hope love keeps you not stagnant or hurried...
for the man who has trekked down into the great caverns of Earth--
trying to measure the caverns inside of him, has truly searched,
and in doing so will find his own answers.

But, the man who can't enjoy comfort in his friends
and the lazy daydream of afternoon naps,
could never truly be content.

I hope love keeps you indifferent to the masses,
considerate of the ignorant and the weak,
strong in the face of your fears,
and tender to the touch of your pain.

I hope love keeps you...
until I can hold you once again.

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nice poem...

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well feelings r always good when expressed :smt005

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u said it again...

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what is that shalin....my post my wish

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okay then