View Full Version : even if i don't know your name

10-16-2007, 06:24 AM
even if i don't know your name
To ask you your name

I can't stop thinking about you
I can't even concentrate when we are together in class
I just look and think about you the hole session
I go to class just to look at the beautiful you
And not to listen to the lecturer
You look back with that beautiful face and eyes of yours
And make me think you feel the same

You noticed and made things worst
You look at me and you don't take your face off me
You look at me with your beautiful eyes and
Your beautiful eyes defeat mine
You deflate my strength and make me shy to approach you
Especially when you are with your friends
See you alone and still I'm afraid
Your beauty makes me not to think properly
Because I only think of you

I approached you late after test and you gave me little time
I didn't even have a chance to ask your mane
I just told you how I feel about you and you said you have someone
I just told you so because I've wasted too much time

You still didn't tell me how you feel about me
After speaking to you, you never came to class again
And I miss seeing your pretty face
When we meet again, please don't let me down
I'm all alone and hungry for love
My warm hands are ready to hold you
Please love me back
I really love you anonymous
And I hope you also love me
Even if I don't know your name

10-16-2007, 08:55 AM
same here....

10-16-2007, 09:10 AM
well well..... :smt002