View Full Version : Applying Life's Greatest Secret

10-09-2007, 01:15 PM
First of all, what is life’s greatest secret? A recently released video, “The Secret,” is bound to have a major impact by explaining what the secret involves and all the benefits it brings. In fact, it is my first experience at hearing a group of very different theologians, physicians, physicists, psychologists, philosophers, metaphysicians, and ordinary people all say the same thing. The secret is that thoughts and feelings make things happen and help create reality.

This process translates to the “Law of Attraction” which is the genie from Aladdin’s lamp saying, “Your wish is my command.” More simply put, you get what you ask for. This simple truth has been around the world from the beginning and “proved” over and over again by religion, science, psychology, business and life in general. But why is it taking so long to catch on and be applied by the masses to get the desired results? There are many reasons.

The most important thing to believe is in your own ability to be more in control of your thoughts and feelings so that they attract what it is that you want in life and help you to have those things. The main thing that holds us all back is the varying degree of not fully believing in our own potential and power. This is one belief that deserves total commitment, but in the meantime personal growth and development are aimed at gradually removing the disbeliefs. It is happening naturally whether you agree or approve, but the sooner you get out of your own way, the better.

Here are the main obstacles to believing more fully in your ability to create your own reality and to have what you want. This list pretty well explains the size of the gap between where you are and where you want to be. Interpreting these things with a positive spin and doing something positive to turn them into productive energy is the only magic pill gap-closer there is.

• The secret itself is proof positive in the existence of God, but that qualification turns many people away from it. And many others are turned away from it because they don’t believe this psychobabble to be supported in the scriptures of whatever Bible they are reading.
• The world is made up of yin and yang opposites and you always have to experience and understand the negatives of fear, unhappiness, failure, turmoil and discomfort before you can appreciate the positives of love, happiness, success, peace and comfort. Sometimes it takes a long time to see the value of both halves of life to be optimistic enough to have faith in your ability to create the positives. This turns into a negative catch-22 vicious circle that holds people hostage.
• Our brains are designed to gather disproof of this simple truth that mental energy makes things. For one thing, it is either true or not true, rather than true if you believe it and not true if you don’t believe it. For another thing, the brain rejects new beliefs that are unfamiliar and inconsistent with what it already “knows” to be so, thus protecting itself from unsettling intrusion, which the secret certainly is.
• Most thinking and feeling are unconscious. It is difficult to slow down to notice the thoughts and feelings you are having and their relationship to the results you are getting—especially the positive ones coming in small increments.
• We tend to make feelings much more complicated than their original simple purpose. There are really only positive and negative feelings. Positive love serves to encourage forward movement and negative fear is trying to tell us to stop and rethink things in order to know how to create a better reality.
• We have created an instant need gratification culture which takes away the patience that is sometimes needed to acknowledge and appreciate the slight changes we are getting in the right direction of our goals. We want what we want instantly or sooner. Computers certainly don’t help in this regard.
• The real test is when mental energy can alter physical realities, and science is just now getting around to being able to prove that potential in practical terms of quantum physics. Again, new beliefs even when proved, are hard to swallow.

Although this list of obstacles is pretty formidable, guess what? This may be my own slightly negative thinking and feeling keeping me from letting go entirely to the secret. After all, I have a responsibility to be suspect of any idea claiming to have such widespread positive applications from curing cancer to stopping a war. My suggestion: Invest $30 for “The Secret” and begin to examine you own resistance to the point where it begins to dissolve and then see what happens. What have you got to lose?