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10-06-2007, 11:55 AM
I Am Alive
By: Jeff Shuck

I may have lost my brother, my sister, my parent, my child, my spouse, my friend, but I am a survivor of the long dark night of unspeakable loss, the unbearable pain, of my own darkness... and I am alive.

I am unwilling to stand idly by and allow shame to defeat love, or silence to defeat action.
I stand for the enlightenment of a society that would hide from suicide, that would avoid, that would pretend... and I am alive.

I am unwilling for my perseverance to be in vain,
unwilling for the passing of my loved one to be in shame.
I loved them more than I loved myself and their life will have meaning in my action. I am resolved..., and I am alive.

In a world blinded by the pursuit of pleasure, I am here to say that people are in pain.
In a world rushing to get ahead, I am here to say that people are being left behind.
In a world obsessed with the value of the market, I am here to speak for the value of life..., and I am alive.

This will be no quiet fight, for I am the voice of audacity in the face of apathy.
I am the spirit of bravery in a world of action. I am a commitment to action in the face of neutrality.

I am out of the darkness; I am into the light. And, I am alive.

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