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10-06-2007, 09:08 AM
Build up a better environment for children within the family

Children are the greatest gifts given to the world. Their lives begin at home with the family. If they are to become useful citizens of the world they must be given the most suitable and a better environment within the family to help achieve their goals.

Parents being their first companions should be very careful in conducting themselves to do the correct things with regard to bringing them up so that they face the world with confidence. Every move of an adult does not go un-noticed by a little child. Children are like treasures and adults should cherish that feeling.

Initially the home environment becomes a great influence on the child. They say the hand that rocks the cradle rocks the world. Parent's guidance and love are important to a growing child as much as the food for its growth.

The future of the country depends on the child of today. The children are a major driving force, a force that cannot match any other. To make this a positive force depends on the adult who becomes an example to the child.

Children learn what they live. It is therefore important to create a healthy environment for the healthy growth of a child. A child who lives with criticism will learn to criticize other which is very unbecoming of society. Many children who cannot get on with others as a team has been found to do so because during growth he has had to live with hostility.

A child who has undergone ridicule and shame will not have self confidence. Adults should take the responsibility for the development of the personality of the child. Normalization is the natural way to a healthy development.

Many of us forget that we have a lot to learn from nature. We fail to expose the child to nature which is all around us. Children should be trained to observe and appreciate nature. A child who lives with nature and appreciates it naturally becomes a balanced child and hence a balanced individual. They become aware of the beauties of nature like the colourful butterflies, the animals, the waterfalls, those resources that make our life meaningful, rich and balanced.

The value of caring for others should be instilled into our children. It is then they begin to identify the less fortunate and learn to make sacrifices. It is through this that they learn to be satisfied with the blessing they are showered with. There is a famous saying, "You cry for a lost shoe until you come across a man without legs." These are valuable lessons that some one should know. These cannot be learnt overnight. They have to be taught through out life and the most absorbable age is childhood. They have to be taught to share and share alike with his or her siblings to start with. It is the duty of the adult to create the correct environment in which the child learns these valuable lessons. Etiquette and manners are the basics the child should possess as he grows. A child who is accomplished with these will always grow up to be a trouble free lovable individual. These should be practiced throughout amongst the parents and the siblings in the home environment.

Children always follow adults. So adults should give out a positive attitude and show good behaviour if they want their children to be young ladies and gentlemen.

Older brothers and sisters should treat their younger brothers and sisters well. They should be helpful. There by the child learns to be helpful to others, because they would always follow older people.

Parents need to spend as much time as possible with children and show them the meaning of kindness and love. Teach children useful lessons which they will need to know to mould their future.

Treat them like the world's greatest treasures, because they are. Children when closely monitored tend to lose their independence. Parents and Elders should be aware of this. Children should be encouraged to exercise their independence whilst being guided to make the correct decisions. If we encourage children to do the right thing, they will be successful in life. They will also have richer life.

There have been many incidences of people in the household having set a bad example for children. A few examples are: When a father smokes, the child will also learn to smoke which is harmful to their health. We should protect children.

Parents should co-operate with their children. They can help the child with his or her problems assisting to solve any if there is. This would buildup a better environment for children within the family.

Parents should advise children when they do any wrong and they should relate to their life's experiences. This will make the child remember these lessons for years to come. They become lifetime lessons. When children grow older they may even get an opportunity to share these stories with their own children.

It is heartening to see that the government is already taking steps to fulfill the goal of building a better environment for children within the family. Child centers have been put up to help adults learn the ways of treating children. Laws have been enforced for child abuse.

An offspring from a close knit family, caring parents, sharing siblings, disciplined environment will blossom out to be a successful adult

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