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  1. An Open Letter To The Prime Minister........
  2. Molvi Nazeer in favour of Imran khan
  3. Nawaz Shareef Dirty Politics
  4. Journalist for sale
  5. Choose the real leader from list
  6. The credit Goes to PPP
  7. Imran Khan.......It will bring tears in your eyes........
  8. The real problem to deactive pre paid sims
  9. The expenses of Khadim Aala
  10. Who should be the next US president?
  11. How send back a MNA ?
  12. Fatima Bhutto and the murder case of his father
  13. Nawaz Shareef is No 4 richest person
  14. After all we all are friends
  15. The National Agenda
  16. The Indian puppets
  17. The new mechanism of fuel prices
  18. The judicial system of Pakistan
  19. Thanks to Khawaja Asif
  20. When there will be justice ?
  21. The death valleys
  22. hina rabbani khar High quality images
  23. The political diseased of politician
  24. The Lords of corruption
  25. What a great answer by the president Asif Ali zerdari
  26. The progress report of Pakistani politician
  27. The politics of Nawaz shareef
  28. The new Indian robots with their instructor
  29. The supporters of Pakistani cricket team
  30. The real face of MQM
  31. The politics on video clips
  32. What Nawaz shareef thinks about his voters
  33. The budget allocations
  34. The growth rate of Punjab
  35. The relation Habib jalib and shahbaz shareef
  36. The Days Of The Jackals !!!
  37. The peace march for Wazeristan
  38. Imran declare the party rules for new comers
  39. biggest news of Pakistan in international media after the death of benazir bhutto
  40. Yellow journalism and politics
  41. Don't become victim of election campaign
  42. It is very easy to make point scoring
  43. The peace march of Imran PTI
  44. Thanks to Imran khan
  45. Who are Taliban ?
  46. The PPP and N league adjustment
  47. lifafa journalism and politics of PMLn........
  48. To whom it may concern
  49. To the chief of Army staff
  50. The protest against drones in America
  51. A profile of imran Khan
  52. The politics of merit
  53. The politics of voter
  54. The bakery sweeper and Punjab Govt
  55. The media and drone attacks
  56. PML-N Rejects SC Verdict."PPP & PML-N are One and The Same Thing".
  57. The Motorway project and PML N
  58. Imran Khan: A Ray of Hope, a Force to Reckon with !!!
  59. Imran khan and bhutto
  60. The Pakistani media trial
  61. The politics of MQM on Eid
  62. Rameez Raja comments Imran khan
  63. The politics of Nawaz shareef
  64. The historical jalsa in Lahore
  65. The income tax return of Nawaz shareef
  66. Nawaz Shareef and Asif Ali zerdari
  67. The life style of Imran Khan
  68. The policy of PTI
  69. Dummy lion and dummy politician
  70. Bhutto Shell Win in Elections
  71. Liberty and democracy
  72. Choice and truth
  73. Nawaz Shareef ,s Politics Style
  74. Altaf Hussain feeling free with MQM
  75. Shahbaz Shreef - Along with World,s Debate Winners Pakistani Students
  76. Quaid - e - Azam at the Eid prayer ground on the first Eid of Pakistan
  77. Imran Khan - Celebrating the Success Of the Pakistan young debating team
  78. The Pakistan of Quaid
  79. Afghanistan: the Smell of Defeat !!!
  80. The fraud Govt of PPP
  81. Obama Appoints Monsanto Lobbyist to Head FDA
  82. Sir Pakistani PM say,s we will not tolerate , DRONE attacks
  83. Cast your vote now
  84. The obedient like Mun- Mohan singh
  85. Marvi Mamen get interviewed
  86. Iran is a threat to peace
  87. Obama Behind The International Press
  88. US Missile System Expansion in Asia against China
  89. Iran - Missile program searching by UNO , Joke
  90. USA - Iran Missile War ,Joke
  91. Time to look again at Pakistani society !!!
  92. NPT - Politics ,Joke
  93. The merit policy of PML N
  94. Who can eliminate corruption ?
  95. Joke - Human Right and World Media
  96. I am just hoping we can keep this whole thing under control after the police ,
  97. Joke - Statism
  98. Urdu - Egypt President Refused To Meet Israel PM ...
  99. The current situation of law and order in Baluchistan
  100. The role of electronice media
  101. Barack obama
  102. Altaf hussain asked Govt to take action against the crimnals
  103. Joke - Nawaz Sharif and Fazul Ul Rahmian are along with Zardari
  104. Urdu - Aj Ka Sowal , Ous Mulik Ka Namm Batian ...
  105. Altaf hussain received Rs:20 million (Younis Habib)
  106. A message of Hakeem-ul-Ah Mahsood
  107. Shahbaz shareef the load shedding drama
  108. Electronic media Vs Social media
  109. Five Challenges Faced by Washington's Pakistan Analysts....
  110. Karachi: A War Zone for Black Flags !!!
  111. Choose leader yourself
  112. The protocol of a Prime Minister
  113. The question for Pakistan
  114. The good governance of PPP
  115. The Gaza issue and Pakistani Media
  116. Electing the idiots
  117. "bLood oF IsraeL is morE vaLuabLe Than PaLesTinian"
  118. Insaf student federation (ISF)
  119. Furrukh habeeb the president of ISF
  120. "Pro Isralie Americans views abouT Muslims"
  121. Imran khan condemn attack on Imam Bargah in Karachi
  122. Geo TV and Gaza policy
  123. Yasmin Mogahed
  124. IK Says my govt will have max 17 minister.... Dunya news report.
  125. Imran Khan's Karachi Visit - Saddar Market (November 22, 2012)
  126. Urdu- Imran Khan was Pakistan's most successful cricket captain
  127. Zardari, Nawaz Sharif political deal
  128. Cracks In The Union.....Anjum Niaz.
  129. Karachi Violence and Political Pragmatism !!!
  130. Pictures of Russian and USA army in Afghanistan
  131. Clever candidate of Pakistani Election
  132. Terrorism and its solutions
  133. GEO Shaan Say Part1-1... Most of people miss it
  134. Me and We !!!
  135. The gurantees of a candidate
  136. Facts about MQM
  137. Most powerful politician in Pakistan
  138. Dr A.Q Khan
  139. Money laundering and nawaz shareef
  140. ISAS , imran Khan addressing in Singapore
  141. Imran Khan in Agenda Aaj Tak India (Dec 7, 2012) [Full Video]
  142. Kala Bagh Dam issue and A.Q Khan
  143. The statement of nawaz shareef
  144. Time magzine december 2012
  145. Pakistan Election commission order
  146. Kala Bagh Dam issue and party politics
  147. Who is a political stupid ?
  148. To whom would you like to select for new elections ?
  149. Pti in Waziristan
  150. Imran Khan's 4th victory
  151. Malala Yousafzai is a daughter of pakistan
  152. Photo of Asif Ali Zardari with Benazir Bhutto
  153. Malala Yousafzai being evacuated to CMH Peshawar
  154. The Mainstreaming of the Afghan Taliban.......
  155. People are hating Taliban due to attack on Malala Yousafzai...
  156. Malala Yousafzai - I wished for peace...
  157. tahir ul qadri exposed by muzaffar warsi
  158. Champion of Failed Politics: Shahbaz or Pervaiz Elahi ???
  159. Diary of malala yousafzai...
  160. Urdu - Lets pray for Malala Yousafzai ...
  161. Urdu - Prayer for Malala Yousafzai's by Imran Khan...
  162. Request to The Chief Justice of Pakistan about PTA policy ....
  163. Persian - A mother is loving her serious injured child...
  164. Pakistani hero Malala Yousafzai...
  165. Dear Obama - When a U.S. drone missile kills a child ...
  166. Open Letter to Barack Hussein Obama, President of the United States of America...!!!!
  167. For all Benazir Bhutto lovers.
  168. Democracy zindabad - see what happened in baloochistan assembly
  169. Tahir-ul-Qadri Exclusive Interview With Najam Sethi On GeoNews 26th December
  170. Imran Khan speech in ISF Peshawar tsunami convention part1
  171. عمران خان کو برا کہنے والوں سےمیرا ایک سوا
  172. بہن کو چھیڑنے سے منع کرنے پر اکلوتا بھائی ش
  173. Will Nawaz Sharif Win?
  174. سلوٹ اس نوجوان کو جس نے دریا کے الٹا رخ تیر ک&
  175. US has conceded to Pakistan ???
  176. protest against renaming Saidu Sharif College to malala
  177. zinda hay bhutto
  178. help us end israeli occupation
  179. 67% of pakistani parlimentarian don't pay tax
  180. urdu - vote kis ko dain?
  181. height of ignorance
  182. no one is free when others are oppreessed
  183. urdu - sharam kar kay geo
  184. urdu - mafahmat ki siasat
  185. Najam Sethi came to his senses and admitted that only Imran Khan can bring change
  186. ابن انشاء ......!
  187. صحافیوں اور اینکرز کو اختلاف کرنے کا حق ہے 
  188. The Talibanís Line of Reasoning
  189. We strongly condemn brutal attack on Malala: PTI - ISF
  190. urdu - Aslam Mudhyana
  191. urdu - schools aur hospitals ko dhamakoon say uranay walay talibaan nahi: Mulla Umer
  192. urdu - zarorat ab hamain imran ki hay
  193. urdu - mazloomon kay saathi altaf hussain
  194. urdu - Metro Bus
  195. Real Terrorists
  196. urdu - nawaz sharif kay iqtadar ki bay-saakhian
  197. urdu - Show Baaz sharir ka show
  198. urdu - Karachi mein operation kyun nahi?
  199. urdu - aman ki aasha; geo pay laanat bay-shumar
  200. urdu - altaf "bhai"
  201. urdu - malala ko kis nay mara
  202. urdu - kahani khatam paisa hazam
  203. Malala struck just above the back of her left eye
  204. urdu - karachi ki awaan, muqadas tehwaar mein pareshaan
  205. urdu - kisi foreign president nay pichlay 3 saal mein pakistan ka doura kyun nahi kia
  206. urdu - aaey apni ghalti talash karain
  207. Why do they hate us?
  208. Bush, Obama, UN: all having same strategy
  209. My life was more peaceful
  210. I am an Afghan child, please stop dropping bombs on me
  211. The rules are simple
  212. Attention to all complacement, lethargic, apathetic, media control sheeppl
  213. US bases protecting oil pipeline for israel
  214. Israel is a war criminal
  215. STOP Drone attacks on children
  216. Drones kill innocent children like us
  217. Salman Ahmad Exposing Chicken Bilawal Bhutto & Performance at ...
  218. Meanwhile in UN
  219. urdu - adalat mujramoon ko saza deti hay, hakoomat choor deti hay
  220. urdu - kai yahan jin rehtay hain
  221. Allegiance to Pakistan and Pakistan alone
  222. urdu - Ajmal Kasaab
  223. urdu - bakwas
  224. And then I told them
  225. Real Presidents
  226. urdu - tahir ul qadri kay khilaaf qarar daad denay par itafaaq
  227. U.S. Government Program
  228. urdu - Kia punjab kay wazir-e-sayhat astifa dain gay?
  229. urdu - Imran Khan ka naam Global Role Model ki fehrist mein shamil
  230. urdu - Ham altaf kay khilaf ehtajaaj kertay hain
  231. urdu - Imran Khan teray jaan nisar bay shumar, bay shumar, bay shumar
  232. urdu - lia jaey ga kaam tujh say fitnay ki amamat ka
  233. urdu - 2012 bhatay ka saal
  234. urdu - performance ka aik safha, wadoon ki ai kitaab say zayada asar rakhta hay
  235. urdu - alif "ittafaq" doulat ki bhaint cherh gaya
  236. urdu - aakhir dil ki baat zaban par aa he gai
  237. urdu - sadar ka is'tas'na tasleem
  238. urdu - kia yeh mehaz ittafaq hay ya tragedy?
  239. urdu - nawaz sharif nay sabiq dictator zia ul haq kay baitay ejaz ul haq ko bhi apni
  240. urdu - nawaz sharif ka ghar
  241. urdu - Aimal Kansi ko nawaz sharif nay choudhry nisaar kay zariay america kay hawaly
  242. The political background of Nawaz shareef
  243. Crisis,classes and parties.......
  244. urdu - aman march ko aik mouqa dia jaey: Imran Khan
  245. Laptop and vote relation ship
  246. These pictures are Iranian Propaganda
  247. Infamy
  248. Moulana Diesel, (even dangerous than Vin Diesel)
  249. sargodha and Imran khan :D
  250. urdu - aao maafi maang lein, magar kis say