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  1. urdu - jadeed high security jail tameer karnay ka hukam
  2. urdu - KPK hakomat nay bijli ki qeemat mein izafa mustarad
  3. urdu - pehlay drone bandd karo, dosri baatain baad mein: Imran Khan
  4. urdu - John Kerry ka mulaqat kay baad tabsara
  5. Stop Drone Strikes
  6. urdu - Naya sadar awaam ko dahi bhalay aur gool gappay dey ga: Sheikh Rasheed
  7. urdu - Nawaz kay hukam par Fazal ur Rehman KPK hakomat giranay kay leay tayar
  8. urdu - jailoon ki security
  9. urdu - schools mein taat khatam karnay ka asooli faisala
  10. urdu - Imran Khan ki toheen-e-adalat ka notice ghair qanooni hay: Lahore High Court
  11. urdu - tanqeed say bachnay kay leay
  12. urdu - Cheap Justice kay dramay
  13. urdu - MQM ki sar-parasti
  14. urdu - Imran Khan ka Fazal ur Rehman par ilzaam
  15. urdu - Jihad say mutaliq Aayat dobara nasaab mein shamil karnay ka faisala
  16. urdu - Imran Khan dunya kay teesray taqatwar sayasat-daan ban gaey
  17. urdu - Bharat say aanay wali bijli
  18. urdu - 20 pann bijli gharon ki mansooba bandi kar le gaee hay
  19. urdu - sailaab mutasareen ko emergency relief
  20. urdu - Fazal ur Rehman ki KPK mein hakomat ki khawahish kabhi poori nahi hogi: Pervai
  21. urdu - D.I Khan jail hamlay mein mulawaas eham commander giraftaar
  22. urdu - sailaab say mutasira elaqoon say paani nikaal lia gaya: Peshawar
  23. urdu - Imran Khan aur Taliban mein ghalat fehmian
  24. urdu - PTI ka Election Commission kay khilaf ehtajaaj ka faisala, Tahir ul Qadri ki h
  25. urdu - Punjab nay KPK hakomat ko gandomm denay say inkaar kar dia
  26. urdu - Fazal ur Rehman ki sayasat Islam nahi loot maar kay leay hay: Pervaiz Khattak
  27. urdu - America aur Israel ki mad'ad say 41 arab dollars ka Pakistan kay khilaf Bharti
  28. urdu - Fazal ur Rehman kay khilaf hatak izzat ka dawa dair
  29. 14 August - Happy Independence Day
  30. urdu - jaarahiat ka bharpoor jawab dia jaey ga: General Kiyani
  31. urdu - mulk maidaan-e-jung bana hoa hay: Imran Khan
  32. urdu - sooday baazi nahi
  33. urdu - Talat Hussain ki Sikandar dramay mein media kay kirdaar par sakht tanqeed
  34. urdu - Imran Khan aaj Peshawar mein jalsa-e-aam say khatab karain gey
  35. Right to Information Law
  36. urdu - over head train mansooba
  37. urdu - Altaf Hussain kay khilaf money laundering saboot mil gaey, shikanja tayar
  38. NA 48 Jalsa
  39. Imran Khan's exclusive interview to Insaf TV
  40. PTI Candidate list for NA by Elections 2013
  41. PTI By Elections Equation
  42. Security Scanner and Sikandar..............How it happens in Pakistan?
  43. Imran Khan jalsa at Swat today
  44. Pakistani qoom apnay sath yehi kar rahi hay! Must Watch
  45. Imran Khan - A True PATRIOT
  46. urdu - Noon league kay imported Governor nay bhi Shehbaz Sharif ka nakami ka aey'tara
  47. Revolutionary Step by Ministry of Education (KPK)
  48. urdu - Germany, Norway, Australia ki KPK hakomat ko imdaad ki paishkash
  49. urdu - Kalam mein pann-bijli mansoobay ka if'ta'tah
  50. Gaddafi predicts his fate while Assad laughs. Blast from the Past
  51. Pti shireen mazari speech in national assembly 2nd sep 2013
  52. Emotional Woman Destroyed Shameless John McCain on Syria War !!!
  53. Discussion on Syria in National Assembly
  54. Lizard entered in Women stomach No Doctor able to Medicate her
  55. اخوان کا جوش و جذبہ۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔
  56. What should have been the appropriate course of action in Uttar Pradesh riots..??
  57. Victory goes to Mursi!
  58. PTI Nationwide Protest Against Electricity & Petroleum Price Hike
  59. Hilarious parody of Bilawal Zardari
  60. Protest for innocent Sumbal... (Insaf Women Action Forum)
  61. Awaam ka khaadim!!!
  62. What should be the future policy of Pakistan tehreek e insaaf, PTI ???
  63. PTI Multan's Protest Against Loadsheding, Mehngai . . .
  64. Drones Are Too Big a Challenge for Nawaz !!!
  65. Globe Trotting Prime Minister.....
  66. Our problem more tangled than we think !!!
  67. altaf hussain bhai is so sensative
  68. De-Americanizing the World‏-------Noam Chomsky
  69. Imran beats Bilawal by a landslide... on Twitter
  70. The Mess We Made Of Ourselves......
  71. mqm is with Army side.......................but which army??????????
  72. Imran Khan Interview On ARY news 18-11-13
  73. International forces want to destablize Pakistan - Imran Khan
  74. Chairman Press Conference on Hangu Drone Attack
  75. Thousands Rally under Imran's call for Protesting Drone Strikes
  76. PTI UK Protest against Drones
  77. Imran Khan Interview with Hamid Mir 27-11-13
  78. the change in culture of iran and afghanistan......history
  79. Major Gen Haroon Aslam (Ghazi) GOC SSG - Special services group
  80. Gen. Hameed Gull talks about drone attacks
  81. Supporter of Pakistan tehreek e insaaf - PTI - PAKISTAN
  82. Altaf Hussain K Naam......
  83. Funny but alarming!!! by aftab iqbal
  84. Imran Khan Speech at Islamabad Dharna
  85. Chairman PTI Imran Khan Press Conference
  86. Imran Khan Attends Inter-Faith Dinner
  87. Imran Khan speaking to Lahore party workers
  88. Prime Minister's Youth Loan Scheme ..... it that so???
  89. "my life's mission to bring about a New Pakistan" Imran Khan at Namal College
  90. Namal college , where you can get degree of bradford university for free
  91. protest against inflation at 22 december
  92. Imran Khan's Message - 22 Dec Lahore Protest Against Price Hike
  93. Nawaz shareef wishes to make his son in Law as army chief
  94. مختارسنگھا کو لاہور سے اغواء کرلیا گیا ہے
  95. The whole Pakistani Nation is waiting for you Tahir Ul Qadri
  96. Do PMLN have any right to criticize imran khan for Blocking Nato supply????
  97. a supporter of Pakistan tehreek e insaf at Lahore
  98. mazaq raat [r.i.r
  99. nawaz noora Around the world in 80 days
  100. the truth about PPP and PMLn by Ali moeeen nawazish
  101. Facebook receives 429 Million dollar tax refund...
  102. polio vaccination is allowed and legal - molana Sami Ul Haq
  103. Imran Khan's speech on protecting Democracy
  104. Protest against Inflation in Lahore Rally
  105. The NSA is Coming to Town - Video
  106. best facebook cover for rehman Malik lovers - PAKISTAN PEOPLES PARTY
  107. marvi memon taking the live call
  108. Mughal e azam of Pakistan
  109. Pervez Khattak Inaugurating Megaproject of Remodeling and Uplifting of G.T Road
  110. PMLN govt pay billion of Rs Subsidy to their sugar factories
  111. the family politics of Mian nawaz shareef
  112. Mobile Health Service Van
  113. Mazaq Raat - 25th December 2013 - Asad Umar PTI
  114. Best Of Banana News Network 25th December 2013
  115. nawaz shareef met with judge at late night and ordered for the punishment of musharaf
  116. miaan saab , kithay war gaya tajurba?
  117. bilawal bhutto will backup mian nawaz shareef....oh really????
  118. pay electricity bills on time.... a message from maryam nawaz shareef
  119. Imran Khan congratulates KPK Government on the Right to Services Act
  120. federal govt. can hand over any department to KPK with full controls - PTI
  121. Khwaja asif , please tell me how to increase my earnings????
  122. Battle at Boat Basin
  123. interview of Zia Ul Haq by a foreign journalist
  124. sharam aa rhi hai........ from a PMLN supporter.
  125. PTI Fans , lovely photo.....
  126. What a Great Slap on the Face of Bilawal Bhutto By Hassan Nisar..
  127. nawaz shareef wedding picture
  128. How to find the Grave of Ch Rehmat Ali (Cambridge UK) afzaal khan
  129. PTI Khushab Jalsa
  130. What comes first: Pakistan or Musharraf ???
  131. Z. A. Bhutto's speech on bangladesh
  132. ڈاکٹرمیاں محمد نوازشریف صاحب کی قابلیت کی
  133. Aam Aadmi Party
  134. Why AAP is protesting against Sushil Shinde and Delhi Police?
  135. Lathi charge by Delhi Police at Rail Bhawan on Aam Aadmi
  136. Why is AAP protesting? Case 1 - Dowry deaths!
  137. Some moments from Day 1 and day 2 of protest
  138. Well done Bilawal
  139. Lieutenant-General Shahid's revelations
  140. Brutality of Delhi police!
  141. Arvind Kejriwal's speech during Republic day ceremony
  142. Vijay Baba inaugurated NDMC Hospital
  143. Imran Khan's speech at Cricket Talent Hunt event
  144. Molana's hatred statement on NGO's women
  145. Shameful Police Brutality - Where is Justice?
  146. BBC documentary about MQM in Urdu
  147. Imran Khan exposing reality of Taliban
  148. Sehat ka Insaf - KP Health Awareness Campaign
  149. Independent investigation by Dr. Moeed Pirzada
  150. Man of Steal
  151. Nabeel Gabool On The Front
  152. Tabeeli Razakar & ISF Door to Door Campaign Khanewal
  153. Kia CIA Hamid Mir ko qatal karwanay wali hay?
  154. Hassan Nisar "On The Front"
  155. Arvind Kejriwal's resignation speech
  156. Rigging in Election according to Aitzaz Ahsan
  157. Forensic experts confirmed that in audio the voice is of Najam Sethi
  158. Never Slap the King
  159. Pakistani media unable to control Imran Khan
  160. Arvind Kejriwal raises serious questions to Narendra Modi
  161. Talk Tamasha....Dr Adil Najam.
  162. Imran Khan speech in Jhang jalsa
  163. BBC interview of Arvind Kejriwal
  164. Jamshed Dasti exposed Parliament Lodges
  165. Nothing happens by accident
  166. Jamshed Dasti shows Evidences
  167. Aik raat ki performance ka 10 lakh dollars
  168. Confession of Hillary Clinton - Must Watch
  169. Israeli Ambassador ki besti khrab by Students
  170. Russian TV Says BLA Is USA Dirty Dog
  171. Asad Umer Criticizes Chuadhry Nisar & Federal Government on Islamabad Attack
  172. Mirza Aslam Beg exposing reality of Najam Sethi
  173. Imran Khan Addressing at Punjab Provincial Council
  174. BJP workers thrash AAP suppoters with lathis... Shame BJP!
  175. Brilliant Chitrol of Bilawal Bhutto & PPP
  176. AAP decides to Protest in Gujrat in 7th and 8th
  177. so who want award from KSA?
  178. The longterm friendship of USA and KSA....who is getting the benfit?
  179. world bank approved 400 million dollar loan for pakistan
  180. Message for AAP Volunteers
  181. Preparation of Peace Vigil by PTI Karachi
  182. The tragedy of Thar and PPP
  183. PTI Chairman Imran Khan Press Conference
  184. Arvind Kejriwal Mumbai Jansabha
  185. Nawab of Kalabagh: The Man Who Knew Too Much !!!
  186. Arvind Kejriwal Addressing At CII
  187. What is the vision of Aam Aadmi Party - Arvind Kejriwal
  188. Vision of Aam Aadmi Party - Yogendra Yadav
  189. Alok Agarwal, AAP Candidate from Khandwa!
  190. Crimea and punishment or the resurrection of a Greater Russia ???
  191. Chandrapur
  192. Indian elections 2014: Its Kejriwal versus Modi, and I know who the winner is !!!!!
  193. Q & A with Arvind Kejriwal
  194. Erdogan's opponents asserted. Millions of people attend rally
  195. America maafi maangey - Tehrike Insaf
  196. Aamir Khan interviews Arvind Kejriwal
  197. Why did AAP resign in Delhi!
  198. Delhi HC finds BJP, Congress guilty of taking foreign funding
  199. AAP is the first party that says 'give us your vote and you shall rule'- Aamir Khan
  200. Who Rules Pakistan ???
  201. Promote AAP through Mobile & Wi-Fi
  202. Making Najam Sethi PCB Chairman is a Fraud
  203. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Abusing Bangladeshi People
  204. Record monitoring team in Youth Festival
  205. Who is an Aam Aadmi?
  206. Exposing BJP double speak on AAP resignation!
  207. Drone attacks
  208. This time, choose change, choose AAP! vote for AAP
  209. Incredible Putin
  210. Ahinsa - Non Violence - Why and How!
  211. Imran Khan's exclusive interview with Kamran Shahid on April 10, 2014
  212. Kumar Vishwas's interview with Barkha Dutt
  213. Azam Khan on Modi's issue
  214. This Vaisakhi for our nation
  215. Unbelievable support for Arvind Kejriwal
  216. Loksabha 2014 !
  217. 1999 Musharraf Plane hijack Attempt - Cockpit Conversation
  218. Arvind Kejriwal's debate on alleged foreign funding
  219. Here is how you can join Aam Aadmi Party..
  220. Narendra Modi's Interview by Karan Thapar
  221. Two sides of the same coin
  222. poor hamid meer
  223. How brilliant mind speaks
  224. Arvind Kejriwal Interview
  225. Dr Kumar Vishwas & the story of Amethi
  226. Geo TV and Hamid Mir Exposed
  227. Kumar Vishwas made funny comment on Robert Vadra
  228. GEO TV propaganda against Pakistan Army
  229. Punjabi fan Kejriwal de!
  230. Mubashar Luqman exposed
  231. CIA agent Hamid Mir
  232. BJP TVC vs. Reality
  233. Sweep Congress and BJP
  234. Arvind Kejriwal debating hostile Modi supporters in Varanasi
  235. Pakistan's Mother in Law?
  236. Interview of Yogender Yadav Ji
  237. The press conference, which was never on-aired
  238. Pakistani Media on American Payroll
  239. Stupid Ganja!
  240. Comparison of PTI and AAP
  241. Inquilaab ka Jashn!
  242. Secret Ballot - A Punjabi short movie
  243. We Rise Again
  244. Dr Kumar Vishwas & the story of Amethi
  245. A film on Imran Khan"s Campaign Trail
  246. PTI 11th May Jalsa
  247. Uttho meray mulk k nau-jawanoo!
  248. My message to "Junooni" PTI Supporters
  249. PTI's response to PM's offer of talks (May 9, 2014)
  250. Exclusive Interview of Imran Khan w/ Dr Moeed (May 9, 2014) - Part 1