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  1. Shaukat Khanum Tigers Club
  2. Often people that criticize your life.
  3. Words and hearts .
  4. Do not compromise yourself .
  5. Only when you drink from the river.
  6. Assumption and lack of communication .
  7. Let me remind you.
  8. Set my sights on where i am going.
  9. Live and let go.
  10. The only reason we do not open our herts and mind.
  11. You fall you rise you make mistake you live you learn.
  12. THe tiny seed knew that in order to grow .
  13. Strength does not come from what you can do.
  14. Tend to your vital heart.
  15. THere comes a time in life .
  16. LIfe is too short to waste time worrying .
  17. Hope is like the sun.
  18. I really do appreciate people who stimulate my creativity.
  19. Not all wounds are so obvious.
  20. But when all you do is focus on the negative .
  21. Self care is not selfish .
  22. My life is not perfect but i am thankful for everything i have.
  23. From the begining to the end of life.
  24. Do not take revenge.
  25. I am perfectly happy to be me.
  26. Happiness cannot be traveled .
  27. KIndness has a beautiful way of reaching down into a weary hurt.
  28. Nobody can hurt me without my permission .
  29. Life has many ways of testing a person.
  30. Associate yourself with people of good quality.
  31. Being deeply loved gives you strength.
  32. BE in love with your life every minute of it.
  33. Your life is your message .
  34. Forget yesterday.
  35. Start each day with a greatful heart.
  36. Slow breathing is like an anchor in the midst of an emotional storm.
  37. Keep your face always towards the sunshine aus shadow will fall behins you.
  38. I literally have to remind myselfall the time.
  39. Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones.
  40. You may encounter many defeats .
  41. What lies before us and what lies behind us.
  42. Your attitude determines your direction.
  43. Great things are done by a series of small things.
  44. At the end of the day it is not about what you have or even what you have.
  45. It is not selfish to love yourself.
  46. You are not separate from the whole .
  47. Grattitude.
  48. Always remember that the future comes one day at a time.
  49. Have a heart that never hardens .
  50. Imran Khan at the Namal College, Mianwali fundraiser iftaar in Lahore today
  51. Pilot Born Without Arms Defies All Odds
  52. So let your heart sweatheart to your compas when you are lost.
  53. A little spark of kindness .
  54. Step into the fire of self discovery.
  55. Your life only gets better when you do work on.
  56. THose who move forwards with a happy spirit.
  57. Do not ever mistake my sielence for ignorance .
  58. Keep your face always towards the sunshine.
  59. Intelligent person
  60. Too busy
  61. Stronger person
  62. Hate in Heart
  63. Right moment
  64. Don't judge
  65. Hold it together
  66. Flaws
  67. Friend or Enemy?
  68. Never blame anyone in your life .
  69. When someone else's happiness is your happiness.
  70. A great attitude becomes a great day.
  71. Excellence is not a skill .
  72. TRy not to become a person of success.
  73. You decide every moment of of every day .
  74. Letting go .
  75. The actual experience of awakening can only be in the present moment.
  76. Protect your space and circle .
  77. You create your own calm.
  78. Sying yes to happiness .
  79. In the final analysis .
  80. Make peace of mind your priority.
  81. Feed your soul with positive energy .
  82. When you look at a field .
  83. A time for reflection ( my ramadan article in young world)
  84. Take a deep breath.
  85. If i want to be loved as i am.
  86. Certain things in life simply have to be experience.
  87. Daily affirmation.
  88. When we believe in ourselves .
  89. The appearances of things change according to our emotions.
  90. There comes a day when you realize turning the page .
  91. Energy is contagious positive .
  92. You are not lost it just feel like it sometimes.
  93. Don't cry over the past it's gone.
  94. Beauty is not about looking perfect .
  95. Grattitude opens all of the doors to happiness.
  96. Slow down calm down .
  97. LOve yourself in the things .
  98. THe trick is to life enjoy.
  99. The ultimate source of a happy life.
  100. Awareness is like the sun.
  101. Self Care.
  102. In your sielence.
  103. Stop looking outside for scraps of pleasure or fulfillment.
  104. Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.
  105. To bring anything into your life .
  106. Everything you go through grows you.
  107. Once you stop chasing the wrong things.
  108. Change will not come.
  109. Expect nothing and appreciate everything.
  110. See the light in others.
  111. Positive thoughts generate positive feelings.
  112. You are a beautiful being of light never forget that.
  113. Today and everyday i choose healing for my heart mind body and spirit.
  114. Every minute you are angry .
  115. Each morning we are born again.
  116. It's your road .
  117. A person who feels appreciated .
  118. The universe is asking .
  119. What will defeat you if you let it.
  120. There is no key to happiness.
  121. Conflict cannot servive without your participation.
  122. Our anxiety does not come from thinking about the future.
  123. Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls.
  124. Give tourself permission to feel pain anger.
  125. You may not controlsall the events that happen to you.
  126. THe only way to make sense .
  127. Our prime purpose in this life is to help others.
  128. Happiness is not a state .
  129. Passion is energy.
  130. Siting silently beside a friend.
  131. Authenticity is a collection of choices.
  132. Imran Khan launched "Scholarship Fund for Incoming Batch 2015 of Namal College
  133. Orphan Day Ceremonies by read foundation Pakistan
  134. Safae nesf Eman hae R.I.R
  135. Meet the topper of UPSC exam: Ira Singhal
  136. Love yourself first so you know what you deserve .
  137. Trade your expectation .
  138. Sometimes the best thing you can do is not think not wonder not imagine.
  139. If light in his your heart.
  140. You can't eat beautyif does not sustain you .
  141. LIfe is not a competition.
  142. When i accepted myself i am freed from the burden.
  143. Choose your eyes and imagin.
  144. Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.
  145. It is up to you .
  146. Those who move forwards .
  147. Surround yourself with people .
  148. You can tell when people are truly happy.
  149. We cannot become what we want to be by remaining what we are.
  150. You must learn a new way to think before you can master a new way to be.
  151. I hope you live a life .
  152. Try a little harder to be a little better.
  153. Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.
  154. Focus on what matters and let go of what does not.
  155. Keep putting out good.
  156. You attract what you put out there.
  157. Evaluate the people in your life.
  158. Sometimes you have to move on without certain people.
  159. Never be ashamed of a scar .
  160. You create your thoughts .
  161. One step at a time is all you need to focus on doing when life seems overwhelming.
  162. Two things prevent us from happiness.
  163. Your worst battle is between what you know and what you feel.
  164. Always find a reason to laugh.
  165. Always be persistent in your pursuits.
  166. Dad, You're My Hero
  167. There is no passion to be found in settling for a life.
  168. It always loved the idea of not being what people expect me to be.
  169. It is not what we do once
  170. One Team, One Mission: My First Bike
  171. Energy is contagious positive.
  172. Cherish those people who have the ability to touch.
  173. It is not just other people we need to forgive.
  174. Never think that what you have to offer is insignificant.
  175. I have always loved the idea.
  176. May your choice reflect your hopes.
  177. Sometimes i forget putting myself first is not selfish but necessary.
  178. One of the hardest thing to do in life .
  179. BE strong enough to let go .
  180. Do not let the behaviour of others destroy your inner peace.
  181. Be the reason someone smiles today.
  182. It is the little thing that count.
  183. A dream written down with a date becomes a goal .
  184. When you start seeing your worth.
  185. Talking about our problems is our greatest addiction.
  186. Being positive in a negitive situation is not naive its leadership.
  187. The real winners in life are the people who look at every situation.
  188. Mistakes have the power to turn you.
  189. You may not be able to control every situation .
  190. Life is 10% of what happens to me and 90% of how i react to it.
  191. No matter how many mistakes you make or how show you progress.
  192. Do not go through life grow through life.
  193. Success is the ability to go from one failure.
  194. The real winners in life are the people who look at every situation .
  195. Tell your heart that the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself.
  196. Everything is beauty but not everyone see it.
  197. Only those who care about you .
  198. THe trick is to life enjoy .
  199. A thing to give up.
  200. There is no virtue in tolerating toxic behaviour.
  201. You are using your head phones to drown out your mind.
  202. The past is where you learned the lesson.
  203. In life you are going to be life out.
  204. I wonder how much of what weighs me down is not mine to carry.
  205. At the end of the day.
  206. Oh don't you worry you ill find yourself.
  207. Set your life on fire.
  208. Life is too deep for words.
  209. SKMCH Iftaar Fundraiser.
  210. Boss VS Leader
  211. 60 rupees ka recharge, 10 ki Cadbury meri toh ho gayi Chandi!
  212. Keep the faith .
  213. It is not a race .
  214. Remember no one can make you feel .
  215. You don't have a soul.
  216. One of the most sincere forms of respect is actually listening.
  217. I promise you.
  218. Keep the faith the most amazing thingsin life.
  219. Never underestimate the importance of having a person.
  220. If another can easily anger you .
  221. Remember this.
  222. THe way we talk to our children .
  223. HAppiness is an inside job.
  224. Worrying does not take away tomorrow's troubles.
  225. Today's multiple choice.
  226. Your life is a result of the choice .
  227. You must be willing to let go of who you have been to become who you were meant to be
  228. Slow down calm down Don't worry.
  229. The secter of change is to focus all of your energy.
  230. Each morning we are born again.
  231. LOve is why we are here.
  232. We are all visitors to this time this place.
  233. We are the light workers .
  234. Its time to remember who you really are.
  235. Lose yourself in the thing you love for that is where you will find yourself too.
  236. Always be prepared to have the time of your life.
  237. Stay positive even when it feels like your whole world.
  238. Patience is the calm acceptance that things can happen in a difference.
  239. Ground your dreams with actions.
  240. Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody.
  241. I want to thank the people of Pakistan for their generosity
  242. Eid mubarak from: R.i.r
  243. Five Things I Learnt after Moving to Pakistan......
  244. Five Things I Learnt after Moving to Pakistan......
  245. Everyday may not be good.
  246. When it rains loo for rainbows.
  247. Qoom ke mrd-e-mujahid tahir bati r.i.r
  248. Love shows up
  249. Every great dream begins with a dreamer
  250. When do you know your life has changed?