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  1. God gave us our memories so that we might.
  2. he is one of those people .
  3. Hell must be isothermal.
  4. He is an artificial city.
  5. He who fights with monsters.
  6. He who will not economize have will to agonize .
  7. He who wonder discovers that this in itself is wonder.
  8. I almost think it is the ultimate.
  9. Bet the human brain is a kludge.
  10. I can be expected to look for truth but not to find it.
  11. If little else the brain is an educational toy.
  12. If we take in our hand.
  13. If you can give your son or daughter only one gift .
  14. If you were to destroy in mankind .
  15. I have the distinction.
  16. I know that most man.
  17. I like less the story that a frog if put in cold.
  18. I love deadlines.
  19. I married the first man i ever when kissed.
  20. In a world where there is so much to be done.
  21. In christianity neither morality nor religion .
  22. I never could tell a lie that anybody would doubt.
  23. I never write metropolis for seven cents.
  24. I not only use all the brain.
  25. In the beginning man created God.
  26. In the south of california has gathered the larges.
  27. Inventions reached their limits long ago.
  28. I only regret i have but one life to lose for my country.
  29. I realize that patriotism is not enough.
  30. I stopped believing in santa claus when i was six.
  31. It can be shown that for any nutty theory.
  32. I think that God in creating man some what over estimated his ability.
  33. It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data.
  34. It is by acts and not by ideas that people live.
  35. It is difficult to say what is impossible .
  36. It is fatal to be right when the rest of the world is wrong.
  37. It is important to realize that any lock can be picked.
  38. It is not fair to ask of others what you are unwilling to do yourself.
  39. It is with words as with sunbeams.
  40. It would appear that we have reached the limits.
  41. I will not go so far as to say that to construct a history.
  42. I would rather see the portrait of a dog.
  43. Knee jerk liberals and all the certified.
  44. Knowledge is not a series of self consistent.
  45. La needs the cleansing of a great disaster .
  46. Learning builds daily accumulation .
  47. Let us over throw the tomes .
  48. Look we play the star .
  49. Los angles it should be understood.
  50. Los angles seems endlessly held between these extremes.
  51. Love is an exploding cigar we willingly smoke.
  52. Man is never honestly the fatalist.
  53. MAthematics transfigures the fortuitous concourse.
  54. Men are equal.
  55. Morality is the herd .
  56. Most modern calender mar the sweet.
  57. My own suspicion is that the universe .
  58. My specific goal is to revolutionize the future.
  59. Nature is earlier than man.
  60. Never be entirely idle.
  61. Never help a child a task at which he feels he can succeed.
  62. Next to being shot at and missed.
  63. Noble prize money is a lifebelt thrown to a swimmer.
  64. Nobody Can be exactly like me.
  65. No flying machine will ever fly from new york to paris.
  66. No man of genuinely superior intelligence.
  67. No one can build his security .
  68. No poor bastard won a war by dying for his country.
  69. Nothing in the entire universe ever perishes.
  70. Nothing is at last sacred .
  71. No trumpets sound when the important decision of our life.
  72. O God, that men should put an enemy.
  73. One of the keys to happiness is a bad memory.
  74. Only enemies speak the truth .
  75. Over the past ten year.
  76. Philosophy is a game .
  77. Poetry is the language .
  78. Poetry is to hold judgement on your soul.
  79. Quotations such as have point and lack triteness.
  80. Science would be ruined if like sports.
  81. Scientists are the easiest to fool.
  82. Secret thoughts and open countenance will go safely over the whole world.
  83. Shallow men believe in luck.
  84. So far as i can remember .
  85. So little done so much to do.
  86. Stay away from needle drugs.
  87. Strategy is buying a bottle of pine wine.
  88. Take the diplomacy out of war and the thing.
  89. That all our knowledge begins with experience.
  90. That young girl is one of the least.
  91. The ability to quote is a serviceable substitute for wit.
  92. The affections are like lightning .
  93. The anatomical juxtaposition .
  94. The avoidance of taxes is the only intellectual.
  95. The basic notion underlying usenet is the flame.
  96. The charity that hastens to proclaim its good deeds.
  97. The christian resolution to find the world.
  98. The efforts to understand the universe is one.
  99. The folly of mistaking a paradox.
  100. The friendly cow all red.
  101. The greatest way to live with honor.
  102. The hardest thing in the world .
  103. The idea of an incarnation of God is absurd.
  104. The intelligent man is one who has successful.
  105. The least deviation from truth will be multiplied later.
  106. The man who has nothing.
  107. The marvel of all history is the patience with which man.
  108. The most extensive computation known has been conducted.
  109. The most merciful thing in the world.
  110. The science each straining in its own direction .
  111. The only completely consistent people are the dead.
  112. The only mystery about the cat is why .
  113. The only unnatural sexual act is what which you cannot perform.
  114. The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it.
  115. The opposite of a correct statements is a false statements.
  116. The poor wish to be rich .
  117. Theories should be as simple as possible but not simpler.
  118. The real question of government versus private.
  119. There are however people in this world who seldom pick up a newspaper.
  120. There is an astonishing imagination.
  121. There is as much difference between us and ourselves.
  122. There is no excellent beauty .
  123. There is no reason for any individual .
  124. There is no royal road to geometry.
  125. There is nothing more notable in socrates.
  126. There is nothing more practical.
  127. The science do not try to explain.
  128. The spirit of resistance to government is so valuable.
  129. The test of an author is not to be found merely in the number.
  130. The trave worth of an experimenter consists in his pursuing.
  131. The ultimate test of a relationship is to disagree.
  132. The universe is made of stories not atoms.
  133. The use of cobol cripples the mind.
  134. The whole problem with news on television comes down.
  135. This become a credo of mine.
  136. This coffee plunges into the stomach.
  137. They can conquer who believe they can.
  138. This is no time to make new enemies.
  139. This place makes may berry look like a think tank.
  140. Through and through the world is infested with quantity.
  141. Thus be it understood to demonstrate a theorem.
  142. Time is dead as long as it is being clicked.
  143. To conquer the enemy without resorting.
  144. Tongue a variety of meat .
  145. To the biologist the problems of socialism appears largely.
  146. True love comes quietly .
  147. Truth never comes into the world.
  148. Truth springs from argument amongst friends.
  149. Unquestionably there is progress.
  150. Usenet is like a head of performing elephants with diarrhea.
  151. Warning signs that lover is bored.
  152. We all live in the protection of certain.
  153. We gladly feast on those who would subdue us .
  154. We owe a deep debt of gratitude to adam.
  155. We should have had socialism already.
  156. What a glorious garden of wonders the lights.
  157. What can i wish to the youth of my country.
  158. What i look forward to is continued.
  159. What happens depends on our way .
  160. What can be more palpably absurd than the prospectt.
  161. What is the difference between unethical and ethical advertising.
  162. Whenever we read the obscene stories.
  163. Whenever you fall pick up something.
  164. When i give food to the poor.
  165. When one is trying to do something beyond his known.
  166. Where is human nature so weak as in the bookstore.
  167. Who can believe that there is no soul.
  168. Whoever in discussion adduces authority uses not intellect but memory.
  169. Why yes a bulletproof vest.
  170. With just enough of learning to misquite.
  171. Women and cats do as they damned well please.
  172. Women with pasts interest men.
  173. Worry does not empty tomorrow .
  174. You ask what is our policy.?
  175. You can not apply mathematics .
  176. You know my friends with what a brave.
  177. You see write telegraph is a kind of a very very long cat.
  178. A ceremony in which rings are put on the finger.
  179. A financier is a pawnbroker with imagination.
  180. A legal or religious ceremony by which two person.
  181. A conservative is a man who sits and thinks.
  182. All american cars are basically chevrolets.
  183. All dogmas perish the thinking mind.
  184. An Economist is a surgeon with an excellent .
  185. Always do right .
  186. An effective way to deal with predators.
  187. A newspaper consists of just the same number.
  188. An institution which is popular .
  189. An intelligence service is in fact a stupidity service.
  190. A pessimist is a man who has been compelled.
  191. A scout troop consists of twelve little kids.
  192. Atheism has no room for human rights.
  193. At least when i was governor.
  194. A venturesome minority will always be eager.
  195. Aviation in itself is not inherently dangerous.
  196. Being an old maid is like death.
  197. Bureaucracy defends the status .
  198. Bureaucrats write memoranda both.
  199. Christmas is a holiday.
  200. Cynicism is an unpleasant why of telling the truth.
  201. Daughters go into analysis hating their father.
  202. Decide what you want .
  203. Deeds not stones are the true.
  204. Different taste in jikes is a great strain on the affection.
  205. Doctors and nurses are people.
  206. During the samuel johnson days they had big men enjoying.
  207. Each has his past shut in him like the leaves.
  208. Eating without conversation is only stoking.
  209. Egotism is the anesthetic that dulls the pain of stupidity.
  210. Ever notice that soup for one is eight.
  211. Everybody winds up kissing the wrong person good night.
  212. Every little girl knowns about love.
  213. Excessive literary production is a social offence.
  214. Experience is that marvelous thing.
  215. Falling out of love is very inlightening.
  216. Family dinners are more often.
  217. For the skeptic their remains only one consolation.
  218. For vision come not to polluted eyes.
  219. Genius hath electric power.
  220. God is love but get it in writing.
  221. Going to the opera.
  222. Hell hath no fury like a bureaucrat scorned.
  223. He will always be a slave who does not known how to live upon a little.
  224. Hold a true friend with both hands.
  225. Half our life is spent trying to find something.
  226. Honest difference are often a healthy sign of progress.
  227. Honesty is the best policy.
  228. Humor is the first of the gift .
  229. I am ashamed of confessing that i have nothing to confess.
  230. I am treating you as my friend.
  231. I despise the pleasure of pleasing people that i despise.
  232. If dogs could talk.
  233. If i have any beliefs about immortality .
  234. If there were husband's.
  235. If you can spend a perfectly useless afternoon.
  236. If you were in a room with gaddafi.
  237. Ignorance is like a delicate exotic fruit.
  238. I have flabby things.
  239. I have realize that the past and future are real illusions.
  240. Imagination and fictions make up more than three quarters of our real life.
  241. I married a german
  242. In archaeology you uncover the unknown.
  243. In hollywood an equitable divorce.
  244. In love there are things.
  245. In matters of conscience .
  246. In new york city everyone is an exile.
  247. In prosperity our friend know us.
  248. Interestingly according to modern astronomers.
  249. Interestingly according to modern astronomers space is finite.
  250. Internet is so big so powerful .