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  1. It is by the head that the cow give milk.
  2. It is difficult to believe that people are still starving.
  3. It is no smart that i am so smart.
  4. It is not what you look at that matters it is what you see.
  5. It will snap where it is thinnest.
  6. Laziness may appear attractive but work gives satisfaction.
  7. Live for a century learn for a century.
  8. Many people are in dark.
  9. More drown in the cup than in the sea.
  10. Most people never run for enough on their first.
  11. Of two wrong doings one should choose.
  12. One of the advantages of being disorderly .
  13. One thorn of experience is worth a whole wilderness of warning.
  14. Opportunities are like sunrises.
  15. Our best thoughts come from others.
  16. Poverty does not lose honour.
  17. Rider grows in the human heart like lardon on a pig.
  18. Reality is merely on illusion .
  19. Respect is what we owe love.
  20. Sleep is the best meditation.
  21. Smoke never rises without fire.
  22. Solitary trees if they grow at all grow strong.
  23. Strength does not come from winning .
  24. Technology is just a tool.
  25. The best road to progress is freedoms road.
  26. The changjiang river waves behind drive the waves ahead.
  27. The death of one the bread of the other.
  28. The difference between stupidity .
  29. The door that the wind comes from close.
  30. The government solution to a problem.
  31. The more you like yourself.
  32. The only real failure in life.
  33. The red cow won't change his hide.
  34. The science of today is the technology of tomorrow.
  35. The second thought is usually better.
  36. The secret was ti just be cool.
  37. The way j you see it .
  38. To me photography is the simultaneous.
  39. War is an ugly thing.
  40. We can't command our love but we can our actions.
  41. We learn by teaching.
  42. We do not see things they are we see them as we are.
  43. What is important in to believe in something.
  44. When you blame others .
  45. When you flee from a wolf you run into a bear.
  46. Why should i buy expensive art when i can make my own.
  47. You do not learn to walk by following rules.
  48. Your theory is crazy.
  49. Affirmation without discipline is the beginning of delusion.
  50. One only find that there are many more hills to climb.
  51. All men commend patience .
  52. All work no play makes jack a dull boy.
  53. Always keep your smile that is how i explain my long life.
  54. A person slips and a ladder falls on him.
  55. As it linger so it rakes peril.
  56. Believe that you have it and you do.
  57. Burnt child shuns fire.
  58. Change means that what was before was not perfect.
  59. Change your leaves keep intact your roots.
  60. Character is the result of two things mental attitude and the way we spend our time.
  61. Destiny is no matter of chance it is a matter of choice it is not a thing.
  62. Do not change your horse when you are about to crops a river.
  63. Do not find fault find a remedy.
  64. Do not give the sparrow in the hand for the crow on the fence.
  65. Do not poison the watehole.
  66. Don't run in front of a carriage.
  67. Don;t try to cover the whole sky with the palm of your hand.
  68. Do your work with your whole heart and you will succeed.
  69. Explain often do much more than words and teachers.
  70. Failure is not fatal but failure is change might it.
  71. Faint hearts have never won a fair lady.
  72. Fall down seven time stand up eight.
  73. First come and first served.
  74. For every good reason there is to lie there is the better reason to tell truth.
  75. Forgiveness is the economy of the heart.
  76. From confessors doctors and lawyer the truth should not be hidden.
  77. Grief is the the price.
  78. He must have fingers made iron that the devil wants to fly.
  79. He who comes sooner.
  80. He who has not obeyed .
  81. I believed in my self.
  82. I do not want to foresee the future.
  83. If at first you Do not succeed.
  84. If it were not for hopes.
  85. If your actions inspire others to dream more learn more.
  86. If you are afraid of wolves.
  87. If you want a vision of the failure.
  88. Iron is work then it is still hot.
  89. I suppose leadership at one time meat muscles.
  90. I think the thing to do is enjoy the ride.
  91. It is difficult to believe that people.
  92. It is the exception that proves the rule.
  93. Legs that can carry wealth are strong.
  94. Live for a century.
  95. My formula for living is quite simple.
  96. Nature always wears the colors of spirit.
  97. Never forget the three powerful resources love,prayer and forgiveness.
  98. No body in life gets exactly what they thought they were going to get.
  99. Of two wrong doings.
  100. Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.
  101. Patriotism is when love of your own people.
  102. Poverty does not lose.
  103. Put your heart mind and soul.
  104. Research is what i am doing when i don't know what i am doing.
  105. Respect is what we owe love what we give.
  106. Solitary trees if they grow at all.
  107. Someone else's hands are light but not big.
  108. Your struggles develop your strength .
  109. The teacher is the most important.
  110. The art of war is simple enough.
  111. The best way to fill time is to waste it.
  112. The details are not the details.
  113. The essence of all beautiful art all great art.
  114. The fault as committed in the bush.
  115. The government solution to a problem is usuallys bad as the problem.
  116. The lesser of two evils.
  117. The love of family and the admiration of friend.
  118. There is nothing on this earth.
  119. The secret of success is learning.
  120. The truth is told in jokes.
  121. To begin is easy to persist.
  122. To me photography is the simultaneous recognition.
  123. Who love life not because we are used to living .
  124. What a heavy burden is a name that has become too famous.
  125. What ever broken will grow back.
  126. What light is to the eyes what air is to the lungs.
  127. When it's raining one does not roof the cottage.
  128. When you blame others you give up your power to change.
  129. Where there is no struggle there is no strength.
  130. Who by himself can do everything.
  131. You cannot depend on your eyes when you imagination is out of focus.
  132. You learn by doing and by falling over.
  133. You have freedom when you are easy in your harness.
  134. You may be deceived if you trust too much but you will live.
  135. Your theory is crazy but it is not crazy enough to be true.
  136. A bad beginning makes a bad ending.
  137. Attention is more than a thousand.
  138. A cat may look at a king.
  139. A table without bread is not a table.
  140. A wolf will not a break a wolf.
  141. Believe in yourself have faith in your ability without a humble.
  142. Be nice to people on your way.
  143. Bury the hatchet.
  144. Desperate illness heroic treatment.
  145. Do not let what you cannot do interface with what you can do.
  146. Do not complain about what you cannot change.
  147. Do not fight the problem decided it.
  148. Do not watch th clock.
  149. Do your work with your whole heart.
  150. Even if you fall on your face.
  151. Every body is the smith of his own happiness.
  152. Every one wants to be lord.
  153. Everything that we see is a shadow cast by that which we do not see.
  154. Expecting something bigger and we let go what we already have.
  155. Follow your dream work.
  156. Good created on himself first.
  157. Go for it now the future is promised to on one.
  158. Golden saber opens every door.
  159. Good tree makes good fruit.
  160. Health is an asset without equal.
  161. If one sows pumpkins with the devils.
  162. If you fell down yesterday stand up today.
  163. I ill either find a way or make one.
  164. In matters of style swim with the current in matters.
  165. In order to succeed we must first believe that we do.
  166. It is a third of the work to begin.
  167. It is not enough to have good mind.
  168. It is not the mountain ahead that wears you out it is grain of sand in your shoe.
  169. It is by the head that the cow give milk ..
  170. It is not that i am so simple.
  171. I have worked too hard and too long to let.
  172. Just as one call into the forest so it echoes back.
  173. Life is 10 percent what you make it .
  174. Mens schemes are inferior to those made by heaven.
  175. Not hearing is not as good as hearing.
  176. One finds limits by pushing them.
  177. One swallow creates no summer.
  178. Opportunity does not knock.
  179. Opportunity does not knock it present when you beat down the door.
  180. Our self image strongly held.
  181. Our self image strongly held essentially determines what we become.
  182. Press forward do not stop.
  183. Problems are not stop signs they are guidelines.
  184. Progress lies not in enhancing what is.
  185. Quality is not an act.
  186. Set your sights high the higher the better.
  187. Step by step and the thing is done.
  188. The absent will not be an heir.
  189. The most effective way to do it is to do it.
  190. The old are the oldest.
  191. There are no elements so diverse that they cannot be joined in the heart of a man.
  192. There are no elements.
  193. There is always room at the top.
  194. There is nothing deep down inside us.
  195. There is nothing more uncommon than common sense.
  196. The remedy is worse than the disease.
  197. The secret of getting ahead is getting started.
  198. The smaller the company the better the share the bigger company.
  199. To beg in is easy to persist is art.
  200. Trouble never comes alone.
  201. True love never grows old.
  202. We all start out as children .
  203. We cannot teach people anything.
  204. We make a living by what we get but we make life.
  205. What worries you master you.
  206. When a man is in a hurry the devil is happy.
  207. When you fail you learn from the mistake.
  208. When you are in brainy school it is lot harder to fit in.
  209. With out hard work nothing grows but weeds.
  210. Wolf in sheep's pelt.
  211. Work of the common is work of none.
  212. You can never quit winners never quit.
  213. You cannot push any one up a ladder.
  214. You cannot build a reputation.
  215. You cannot make something beautiful with force.
  216. You cannot stay in your corner of the forest.
  217. You just cannot beat the person who never gives up.
  218. you just cannot beat the person.
  219. You need to overcome the tug of people.
  220. A bad knot bad veal.
  221. Acceptance and tolerance and forgiveness those are life altering lessons.
  222. All action result so it is thoughts that matter.
  223. All action results from thoughts.
  224. An accident won't arrive with a bell on its neck .
  225. A spoon is valuable at dinner.
  226. As the old cock crows.
  227. Be fair to the devil.
  228. Be less curious about people and more curious about idea.
  229. Be less curious about people .
  230. Be nice to people on your way up.
  231. Better is the enemy of good.
  232. Better to have blown hard than to have a burned.
  233. Bury the hatchet .
  234. Children are definitive sorrow but undefinitive joy .
  235. Children are educated.
  236. Colors are the smiles of nature.
  237. Do not celebrate until you have crossed the creek.
  238. Do not complain about what you cannot change .
  239. Do not run in front of a carriage.
  240. Do not skin the bear before it is been shot.
  241. Enemy divided half won .
  242. Every beginning is weak.
  243. Fortune favors the prepared mind.
  244. Fortune gives a hand to the bold man.
  245. Genius is never understood in its own time.
  246. Good tree makes good fruit .
  247. He complains wrong fully at the see that gets bored on it twice.
  248. He who defends everything defends nothing.
  249. He who digs a pit for others.
  250. High achievement always takes place in the frame work of high expectation.