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  1. North Korea sold their territory to China
  2. Gandhi's glasses missing from Wardha ashram
  3. Japan Earthquake: Helicopter aerial view video of giant tsunami waves
  4. Challenge to cross The Channel in Car Boats! - Top Gear
  5. South Korea wins bid for 2018 Winter Olympics!!
  6. President Lee Myung-bak will embark on a three-nation Asian tour
  7. Afghan peace council head killed by suicide bomber
  8. Obama aims to salvage Mideast crisis aversion plan
  9. UARS satellite return expected later
  10. Turkey seizes Syrian ship with weapons - PM Erdogan
  11. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan delivers a BABY GIRL
  12. 2004 November The Rape Trade
  13. Unsolved Mysteries - Death of Brandon Lee
  14. Drone attacks - Iran airs downed US spy drone
  15. History of drone attacks in Pakistan by US
  16. Extreme of Ignorance ( جہالت کی انتہا )
  17. US corruption leads to occupy the wallstreet movement
  18. Withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq
  19. This Game is not suitable for girls
  20. iPhone 6 V/s Nokia "R" series
  21. Magic's Biggest Secrets Revealed Video
  22. What a Tragedy
  23. Change Prank
  24. Saudi Woman Beheaded For " Witchcraft "
  25. Charlie Chaplin final speech in The Great Dictator
  26. Indian Ministers abandon policeman to die
  27. Shame on Media
  28. Malnutrition in India
  29. 19 Girls in One Car - World Record in Karachi
  30. Sucides due to inflation in Pakistan
  31. Why Smoking ?
  32. Lumus Video Glasses
  33. Train Escape Magic by BABA
  34. Pakistan First self made Hybrid Car
  35. Tightest Parallel Car Park II - GWR Video of the Week
  36. Reema Khan visits Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre
  37. Watching the broadcast on Kim Jong-Il's death...
  38. Zidane's Head Butt
  39. Evolution of Dance
  40. David After Dentist
  41. Pray for Arfa Karim
  42. Reaction of americans when a muslim is mistreated - hidden camera
  43. What is Racism?
  44. Happy New Year 2012
  45. Flea Market Montgomery - Long Version
  46. World's Longest Queue for CNG
  47. Arfa Karim Passed away
  48. Capture 'the North Korean escapee' game, Kim Jong Un's favorite!
  49. A dark age with out freedom of press
  50. Shahanshah-e-Ghazal Mehedi Hassan Passed away in Karachi
  51. Dileme
  52. Arab Plutocracy Descends On London......
  53. War against terrorism
  54. War against terrorism
  55. M.M Alam
  56. One Pound fish
  57. Shoe lovers
  58. Stop drone attacks
  59. The record in cricket
  60. Miss world accept Islam
  61. First Virtual store
  62. Hina Rubbani Kher
  63. NATTO supply Liine
  64. Heavy rains in pakistan
  65. Protest against Natto supply
  66. Hot weather in Pakistan
  67. Polio campaign
  68. I like to radio to keep me update ?
  69. another sad story
  70. Its really hot in pakistan
  71. Bay- Nazeer Award for Burma
  72. Justice for all
  73. oman presenting its culture in olympics
  74. Wifi Bus
  75. indian team in olympics - opening ceremony
  76. successful experiment of Water fueled car in Pakistan
  77. The message of Peace from the Holy Prophet , peace be upon him
  78. طالبان کا امریکی فوجی اڈے پر حملہ - افغانست
  79. jae ga jab yahan se rabia iqbal rabi
  80. Dream of Water car ?? Real of Fraud??
  81. Media
  82. Pakistan and China going for stealth air craft
  83. Water Kit from Agha Waqar Ahmed --- fraud or reality ???
  84. agha waqar exposed by dr:samar mubarakmand
  85. killing of the Muslims in Burma
  86. Khawaja Asif Totally Exposed By Imtiaz Haidery. A must watch video
  87. Asam Violence
  88. Nikon D 90
  89. Curiosity landed on Mars
  90. Tax collection in India
  91. Railway crisis due to power failure
  92. Biggest Robbery of the world
  93. Rohingya - The Forgotten People
  94. 9/11
  95. The reality of Phalistine
  96. The views of different countries about Imran khan
  97. The Disciplined Pursuit Of Less.......
  98. Israel stop social worker to go philistine
  99. The journalist and terrorism
  100. China new Missile system DF31E
  101. The consequences of 9/11
  102. The biggest burger of the world
  103. The percentage of language share in the world wide web
  104. A view of mars
  105. Venus and Jupiter show
  106. What is happening in India
  107. Rush hours in Indian railways
  108. The power of the US dollar
  109. Dr Manmohan singh is in action
  110. Chennai metro rail
  111. The safest car of the world
  112. The building in Karachi where 289 people dead by fire
  113. The master mind of 9/11
  114. YouTube refused to remove clips
  115. The lightest mobile phone
  116. The memories of Karachi fire ancient
  117. Drone will fly in Libya for monitoring
  118. The taxes of USA
  119. Who is responsible for the murder of American ambassador
  120. The America is sending U.S forces in Muslim countries
  121. The protest against the video clips
  122. The missing persons in Kashmir
  123. How the people feed the governments
  124. Double standards for freedom of expression
  125. The Muslims of Norway
  126. Distt. Judge of England embraced Islam
  127. High Profile Romance.....Bilawal Bhutto & Hina Rabbani Khar.
  128. The killing of innocent children in Wazeristan
  129. The sentence of terrorism in Iran
  130. The double standards of west
  131. Who is the real terror ?
  132. The phalistine issue
  133. The American citizen don,t like drones
  134. An American drone shot down in Pakistan
  135. The Good news of overseas Pakistani
  136. The share of U.S.A in Arms and Weapons manufacturer
  137. The Swiss Govt accepted the bill of Veil in Islam
  138. The policies of Jews for Muslim world
  139. The nuclear threat of Israel
  140. The predictions about U.S.A
  141. Dont Distort The History ( Mughal History )
  142. Increasing International call rate by 500%
  143. Malala Yousaf is recovering after the operation
  144. The real democarcy of U.S.A
  145. The shahbaz shareef with a wanted man
  146. Imran formula for the war against terrorism
  147. Iraq is making progress
  148. The friends of Pakistan
  149. The American propaganda
  150. The big jump Felix Baumgartner
  151. Terrorism and war has equal effect
  152. What is war?
  153. Subsidy issue of Kerosene and LPG in India
  154. Poor will eat the rich
  155. U.S attacks and innocent people
  156. Obama and Afghan Friendship
  157. Bush - Who is the criminal ?
  158. Pakistan has manufactured their own drone technology
  159. U.S President Bark Obama won the election in 2012
  160. "Career Development" Naibaat Organized Tameer e Pakistan Forum
  161. America defend only the Israel instead of the whole world
  162. President Obama promise to the U.S citizens
  163. The situtaion of Burma according to UN
  164. Israel strikes Gaza
  165. The hurricane Sandy on the U.S. East Coast..
  166. Stop killing in Gaza
  167. Israel is defending itself
  168. Tony Benn to bbc 'if you wont Broadcast the GAZA ...
  169. The role of media on philistine & Israel war
  170. Imran khan policies for the U.S war in Asia
  171. What is terrorism ?
  172. Jumeirah lakes tower in Dubai
  173. Condemn Israel attack
  174. Overseas Pakistani now cast their votes
  175. Around the world the protest against Israel
  176. Organised murder in Gaza
  177. Stop Israel
  178. The role of Arab in Gaza war
  179. Human rights violation in Gaza
  180. The Jews and Philistine issue
  181. wiping of the map
  182. History of Arabs with Israel
  183. Israeli Bombing in six day
  184. No war but murder
  185. 30 November The computer security day Rabia Iqbal Rabi
  186. American poliitcs and jewish donors
  187. Instiute of south asian studies Singapore
  188. The care for a bird
  189. Money and religion
  190. Protests in Egypt against the president
  191. Imran khan address in news channel "India Today"
  192. scotland yard and Altaf hussain
  193. Frredom from mental salavery
  194. What is meant by terrorists
  195. Drones attack on innocent children
  196. MQM office in London under investigation
  197. Oscar Pistorius wins the race with a horse
  198. Ukraine newly elected parlimment
  199. Pakistan army got the gold medal
  200. Drone bombing at children
  201. Idiots are real friends
  202. Nobel peace prize winners
  203. List of nuclear countires in 2012
  204. Pakistan wins the "sword of honour" in UK
  205. 67th anniversary of atomic bombing at Nagasaki
  206. Ban Nuclear weapons
  207. Stop the nuclear program of Israel
  208. End of the world -21-12-2012
  209. It is time to ban Nuclear weapons
  210. 78 % people of the world want....
  211. The nuclear weapons and UNO
  212. Felling the pain of the Connecticut
  213. God hears more .......
  214. No Nukes
  215. Forgot the nuclear bombs ?
  216. Consultants not needed For Canadian Immigration !!!!
  217. Diana visit to Shaukat Khanum cancer Hospital Pakistan
  218. Person of the year
  219. Happy new year in las vegas rabia iqbal rabi
  220. beautiful wall papers selected by rabia iqbal rabi
  221. Protest against rape in India
  222. Rapes
  223. Paper passport remains in tact!!!
  224. End of violence
  225. Samjhauta Express blast
  226. Their Children are just as precious as Ours
  227. urdu - express tribune Quaid e Azam kay baray main abhaam paida ker raha tha
  228. The list of Children Obama has killed with drones and cruise missiles
  229. Stop Handguns before they stop you
  230. Forest
  231. Breaking: PTA to lift Ban on YouTube Today
  232. Quetta: International Airport
  233. Google worth
  234. Only Survivor
  235. Condemn this Terrorism
  236. urdu - jaali dawaoon ki tayari mein pakistan ka dunya mein 13waan number
  237. The biggest 5 oil companies made 135 billion in profit last year
  238. We condemn this terrorism
  239. urdu - jis nay darya kay ultay rukh tair kar apni zimadari nibhai
  240. A wonderful invention of Lahore's Mechanic
  241. Good News: Combat is no longer the leading killer of soldiers
  242. They deserve justice too
  243. The forgotten Victims of War of Terror
  244. urdu - Altaf Hussain nay Quaid-e-Azam par drone hamla ker dia
  245. Serious Assault
  246. Breaking News: Mian Nawaz Sharif kay chootay bhai Abas Sharif current lagnay say inta
  247. urdu - matloob: ishtihaar baraey awam-un-naas
  248. urdu - MM Aalim (retired air commodor)
  249. urdu - meri touheen par khamosh rehnay ka shukria: Quaid-e-Azam
  250. urdu - inqalab kay naam par jama karooron rupay, zaywaraat Mutahida qayadat harap ker